melly has a squirrel problem. Jessica gets the coolest spiders. Dan even takes the spiders for rides. me? i like the lady bugs.

in other news, go say happy birthday to BobtheCorgi.

i would like to take a moment to acknowledge all the stuff that’s going on. it’s a mess. it really is. my opinion? i’d very much like to go back to bed.

9 thoughts on “critters

  1. I love the new beetles! They’re just so damn cute!
    Is it too late to go back to bed? Yeah – I’ll have to come over tomorrow morning and say that…

  2. well, i’ve just gotten up from my nap, and am seriously considering installing this version of Linux i downloaded at work today.

    seriously. of course, i’d be off the internet awhile… which is sort of my point i suppose. i shouldn’t just run off like that and what did this have to do with anything?

  3. It is entirely unfair that I can not have one of those cute little bugs. I’ve seen some of the most interesting concoctions of ‘bugs. I dig the daisy wheels. Have you seen those?

  4. by the way, i’ve since cleaned my camera lens. it looks like it was poked at by a grubby little finger. hmm. wonder who that could have been?

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