don’t poke me with a fork

because i’m not quite done. but it works, it so works. and it’s so cool.

i’m skinnable. it’s only two skins, but i have more stuff and more ideas and…

(excuse me)


thank you.

20 thoughts on “don’t poke me with a fork

  1. Rats! I really wanted to pork you…with a foke.

    Cool flower skin! I’m dying to see more! Your excitement is always so refreshing.

  2. oh, you know this second skin, is in its entirety (graphics and all) one of the works of art of the amazing tart. oh, i love her *this much* (holds out arms real wide). oh, yes i do.

  3. kd…it’s gorgeous. I am in love with the flower skin. Congrats! (um..if this turns out to be a double post, so sorry, I think I hit the wrong key when I was typing before–but then again, maybe I didn’t…but I didn’t want to take any chances…hee!)

  4. i find the dark background easier to read, but it’s interesting and exactly what i’d hoped for — that different people would find different things easier or prettier.

    last night, almost all night, i dreamt about having more skins — two more! and also about saving bunnies and snakes from a movie company that was done with them.

    you know, it’s damn hard to save both bunnies and snakes at the same time. the snakes keep getting fat. eww, and then they poop big hairy snake poops.


  5. and since i have a totally different monitor here at work, i’m finding i like the light here, and the dark at home.

    golly this is fun.

  6. The dark one is gorgeous. But as always with the Mac, I seem to be having some trouble. When I try to make it my choice of skins, it just keeps reverting back to the lighter skin. Of course this is not exactly a giant problem, as the lighter one is elegant and beautiful. But I thought you might want to know. I’m on IE 5 for the Mac.

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