evil spyware that i like, so far

so the other night during my beery adventures, i again got to wanting some mp3s, and my google trick didn’t pan out. so a friend recommended kazaa, and you know i’ll install anything if i’m tipsy enough. well not anything (i sure won’t be clicking that convenient bonzi buddy icon in the kazaa interface *shudder*).

and so far i’m liking this. i found some neato mp3s, but that’s not the coolest part. it also shows me who’s downloaded what from me, and it makes me happy that people are getting good use of the 300 megs of music i’ve collected on this computer.

so far, i’m enjoying it. i don’t even want to run adaware, i’d rather not know about the consequences of this particular bit of fun.

15 thoughts on “evil spyware that i like, so far

  1. do you need a free virus scanner?? i have tried both the big ones and they annoy me to NO end, ‘specially since you have to subscribe/PAY for updates now! try AVG at http://www.grisoft.com/html/us_index.htm … i stripped norton and mcafee from all 3 of our PCs and just use it. it’s free, they update virus files constantly and it’s free! funny thing is, i used it years ago when i didn’t know any better and am SO glad i switched back!
    ratty loves you. ratty wants you to be virus and worry free!!

  2. *sigh* ok, kazaa goes, free virus gets added to puter, then maybe i go have a look at that kazaa lite?

  3. kazaa is gone, and adaware has been run to clean up the mess it left. AVG is installed. popup killer is installed. mailwasher is running.

    free is good. free is very, very good.

  4. I have a way to patch and remove the spyware from Kazaa. If you just run Adware and remove things Kazaa won’t run. E-mail me if you’re interested in finding out how. Be careful with Kazaa too. I’ve been getting all kinds of viruses from downloads.

  5. oy. viruses from downloads? ahh, well, then it goes. i have no virus checker software other than myself, and if virii can be disguised as mp3s, that’s bad.

  6. to make up for my grumpiness and pessimism, let me add that you did me a big favor the other day with your post about singing and driving and not caring what people thought. I called up the old pal I mentioned in your comments who I haven’t seen in ages and got to see her yesterday! It was great. I’d been meaning to call her and you gave me a nice push, so yeah for KD!

  7. I dunno if you run a firewall, but anyway, I ran one with a cool reporting utility for a while, and it showed up some very interesting things. Apart from picking up on any nasty spyware trying to connect to the net, stuff that things like adaware may miss, it also showed kazaa users hitting my pc like crazy, and I’ve never even run kazaa. It just leaves me wondering if they’d have gained access if I hadn’t had the firewall. They shouldn’t have, but the number of hits from them makes me wonder.

  8. it’s gone. adaware has cleaned my puter, and i am once again spyware free.

    hoping that kazaa lite thingy works, i miss that so much.

  9. Bonzi Buddy always seemed very suspicious to me…just because “Bonzi” sounds so much like “ponzi”…as in “ponzi scheme” – another word for pyramid scam.

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