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i’ve been having serious inner struggles with my lamentable dependence on the operating system of evil. for one, i work in an environment where microsoft is trashed often and at great length, yet accepted with ‘well, we have to use it, we’re a business, all our clients use this’.

and this is not the way i want to live, the handwringing and teethgnashing and whining ‘this is the way we do it because it’s what we’ve been doing, we can’t change now, o woe is us’.

that’s why bill gates owns so many of our sorry asses. because we feel helpless, and this is the way we’ve been doing it. and so friday i had a bit of an epiphany, and realized, it’s not going to change unless i make some sacrifices, including my comfort levels with all things microsoft. even though, looking at it now, those have always been dubious; although microsoftyness is intuitive to me, i also feel a constant, low-level sense of ickyness.

now, this isn’t like those diet and exercise and quitting smoking best laid plans i used to spout. this i can actually do, for one thing, it involves working with the open source folks, a zealous and helpful bunch, with Dan being my first contact in this and the person who will most be holding my hand as i work my way through this.

i’m going Linux. sometime very soon, depending on how brave i feel. it’s a little scary, but it’s the principle of the thing (and Dan) that will get me over these fears.

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  1. kd is tweaking again!

    i got linux last year but i didn’t have the courage to install it. got all the cds just sitting here. i’m just not geeky enough. please keep posting your progress– i’m not willing to part with macromedia but if i could figure out how to partition this hard drive, i might take a whack at linux…

  2. This article reviews a new Office program (wp, spreadsheet, etc.) which is open-source and more or less (the author says) as good as MS-Office. It can be downloaded here. It’s a 50MG alternative.

  3. i have that. right now. the Linux version (also free, of course) is a bit of a bigger download, but i’m all about the broadband.

    and it’s nice. not bloatware at all (as opposed to ms office which takes four whole CDs. sheesh!)

  4. I totally agree with your move. I run macs with osx at home, and use my employer’s pc’s with windows at work, because they are afraid to change.

    The only problem that I have with Microsoft are their business tactics. They want to control the world, rather than supply a good product at a reasonable price. I don’t buy any MS software, and I function just fine.

  5. Um, does this mean you are going to have to change the name of the blog to “gkd: a gblog”?

    just curious.

    Good luck and have fun with it!

  6. thing with Macs, and OSX is — money. lots of it. my PCs were free, i got them from work. Linux is free. all the software i’ll be using, is mainly free. and the support of the open source community is another attractive thing about all this.

    i like free. free is very important to me.

  7. I have similar feelings to you, except I have to maintain MS compatibility with my applications.

    I don’t own Microsoft Office, instead working with the copy of MS Works that came preinstalled on my PC. I have downloaded, but not yet installed a “compatible” freeware program available from

    For now, that will be the extent of my shaken fist.

  8. to do this, i am giving up thousands of dollars worth of, erm, perfectly legally obtained software that runs on windows.

    i do this because the comparable freeware (and in some cases cheapware) is good enough for me — i’m no photoshop goddess or anything, in other words. so i give up photoshop and fireworks and ms office premium and visual studio and adobe this and that and corel the other.

    and i gain freedom.

  9. What’s really sad is, if Commodore hadn’t dropped the ball in the late 80s, pushing the Amiga as purely a games machine, we’d all be using a REALLY nice and extremely efficient o/s. I still have a couple here, one of which is very souped up, and get this… the o/s (v3.4)will run(including many extensions) and mutitask easily using less than 2 meg. 128 meg minimum for XP? Hah. It’s a joke.
    The real culprit for our situation is a guy called Ali Medhi, who basicly let the Amiga fall from being the dominant machine it was, through pure arrogance and ignorance.

  10. Yea Macs cost $. But I have never had to wipe a hd and reinstal the OS. Ever. And I own 45 or so computers. Add up the time saved just there and they are free. Not to mention they don’t crash and so forth…

  11. I am considering making this move also, but there are two MS programs I’d miss: MS Access (I love that) and Internet Explorer… Man, Marc and others have really dropped the ball with Netscape. I’d still need windoze for work, but I could do this on my home PCs. The thing is that I mostly use the home PCs for surfing the Internet, and I just don’t like Netscape. Can anybody direct me to a Linux version of Internet Explorer…

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