first post

still working on this. much of it points back at the old homestead, but i’m going to work on it till i drop tonight.

it feels so roomy here — 450 megs of my own. two subdomains (haven’t figured out what yet but i have mass stuff to put here). i can have a message board too — but what to do with it? my database was the easiest thing to import. i’m still using the old one because i need to change PHP files and… *breathe* one thing at a time.

importing the archives? oh god. oh god. that’s a story in itself. put it this way — there was too much text. you’ll notice the post numbers are quite high — because this is the fourth, fifth, and sixth batch of imports, collectively, you’re looking at here now. i’m missing about 200 comments from somewhere in the middle but i gained an entry. that’s spooky. something i never meant to publish is up here somewhere.

NOTE: there is no more notify list on this copy of MT. if you would like to receive the very occasional notification from me, well, drop your email addy in the box in the sidebar. i only send them when i feel a particularly deep need for attention.

11 thoughts on “first post

  1. Wahoooooooo!! I feel a little like a kid whose sister just got some nice new white sneakers. I want to help you dirty ’em up, so they won’t look too geeky anymore!

    Do you hear that echo? It’s all the empty space in here, waiting to be filled!

  2. Looks great! I know the feeling of getting a nice new domain, though mine is only 50MB, but oh so lovely.

    Any chance you could squint over my site code and try and spot anything that may be stopping my own ‘remember me’ function from working? I know I’ve had the problem before and it was a simple fix at the time.

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