forget calgon. let linux take me away.

this is good.

and i also found this quite comforting:

Just come over here with me and watch in awe and amazement as the healing begins. It’s an amazing process of tearing down the bad, tossing out the rubbish and building something stronger out of what’s left over. ” (file that under things i wish i’d written, ok?)

and of course my strong avoidance mechanism was running full force. and i burned a lovely ISO of Lycoris Linux at work, came home, contemplated the trashing of all things windows here, and decided to go conservative: i downloaded partition magic and am currently preparing to back up the files i would miss most.

tomorrow i partition this beast and attempt a dual boot configuration. failing that, i’ll have lost nothing critical, and have this lovely copy of Linux that installs with amazing ease (tried it at work on an old junk machine, just for fun) to go in over the ruins of anything i mess up.

i may just babble about weight and smoking and so forth, but the geeky resolutions, i actually keep. these Linuxy thoughts distracted me better than anything else i could come up with.

also, i am more than happy to see the whole mess headed for a more peaceful, if uneasy resolution. things will be generally happier and better tomorrow, i believe that. and if not, well, i plan on breaking my computer anyway, so, there.

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  1. oh, you know i will — and i’m only doing this to my main computer, i’m not ready to do this to my son’s computer… if it works though, I’ll do his computer too. because a child should not be raised on MS alone. that’s like, child abuse or something, isn’t it? for him to think MS is the only way?

    but if i seriously hose everything, i’ve still got the kid’s machine working and online. that’s good too.

  2. Two summers ago I ran linux only… MS only at work… it was nice, I learned a lot. I’m hoping to go back to school in the fall with a beastly MS machine to do my real work on, and a linux machine to play with. You’re far more brave than I am. 🙂

  3. i have very little to lose. have you checked out lycoris linux?

    here’s their main site

    and it doesn’t cost money — what you buy, is the CDs and the support. it’s all free online, just download, burn, and install.

    of course, i’d have loved to buy the pay version. but i’m poor. Linux = the poor geek’s best friend.

  4. I have a bought copy of Mandrake that I didn’t have any problems with, per se, I just didn’t find the same productivity. Oh well… maybe in time.

  5. oooooh! this is so geekly exciting!! i’ve always wondered about linux but know absolutely nada…, and have done nothing to rectify that fact. i hope to learn gobs, vicariously, through you and your brave excursion, yippeeee!

    i think i am a second-hand nerd…

  6. It certainly wasn’t my place to add comments to Mike’s site when I read his apology. Not having been aware of anything until after the cat was let out of the bag, I didn’t feel qualified to really add my voice to the fray.

    But, in reading Mike’s message, and the comments left in their wake, I too had the feeling that “we” (humans) as basically caring people wanted to find a solution to this dilemma so we could go about our normal lives.

    Having seen generally positive statements from Lee, Faith, and the rest, I had a warm feeling in my heart that things would eventually be healed enough to continue without much lasting ill effect – save for a general sense of wariness, kind of like innocence lost.

  7. You see it scares me that when people think of moving to Linux they actually say “How much does it cost?”. It also worries me that they get scared installing it.

    This isn’t Microsoft, you’re dealing with the Linux movement. I got my copy of suse 7.1 for free, and I can make copies of it and pass it around to friends for them to install, and it includes five times the amount of software that Windows usually comes with, enough that you don’t need to buy new software to live your life because it’s all there. You can even run it beside Windows and it’ll read all the Windows files. That is why Linux has such an avid following, because it feels so good after dealing with Microsoft and Windows.

    My big problem is not being able to go online with my copy of Linux because I haven’t put the effort into getting my broadband USB modem to work with it. If I could, I’d make the switch permanently.

  8. Now this is interesting, I have never heard of Lycoris Linux before, but by the looks of it, it’s a very intelligent way of catching Windows users. The interface is definitely Linux style, but the graphics/icons and names of programs, plus the pre-loaded bits and bobs give it a Windows style.

    Speaking of, anyone else heard of Lindows?

  9. I’m not one to engage in an OS holy war, especially because I see real merits to both OSes. But Linux is simply not for everyone. In fact, it’s probably not for most people. Regardless of what the avid “Linux-or-death” followers might have us believe, it does take a bit of technical skill to use Linux, and even more to use it efficiently.

    HOWEVER, there’s huge potential in the Linux/Open Source movement; especially as it relates to innovation and the open development of software, and there’s huge potential (as far as saving money) for the end user if you’re willing to take the time to get used to it, and have the technical skill (or ability to learn) to use it.

    …but I’m starting to turn kd’s comments box into a blog of it’s own. The Windows/Linux topic is long over-due on my list of “things to blog about” so I’ll do that today or tomorrow.

  10. YES!!! Another nail in the coffin of that rat bastard Bill Gates. Once Microsoft goes out of business the world will be a much better place.

  11. oh, i don’t know that we’ll drive MS of business. maybe we can, but not anytime soon, they just have too much money.

    i just don’t want to feel all helplessly microsofted anymore. it’s an ugly feeling. just icky.

  12. Until I fix the problem of using my adsl under Linux, I’m using it purely as a backup OS. I have no trouble mixing and matching OSes as I keep them seperate from all my files, which go on a different hard-drive…makes it easy to deal with OS problems

    I just looked into Lindows, it appears it’s a scam. $99 for a year’s worth of information about the betas, it hasn’t been released yet and may never get released, and isn’t at all legit like the Open-source movement. Seems the company that made it went up against MS in court and won.

  13. actually, i think my DSL will be the easiest part — there are numerous references to telocity gateway’s working perfectly under Linux, and one time when i was on the phone with telocity customer service, waiting for my computer to boot, and the tech support gal was telling me how cool linux was.

    linux girls on their tech support. you gotta like that, eh?

  14. KD,
    I noticed that you said that LindowsOS was a scam, and that you didn’t receive software from the subscription that you bought. Their site claims that the OS is downloadable and order-able now. Have you still not received the OS? If you have, what are your thoughts? Is it worth the $99 they charge?
    PS, Please put something catchy in the subject if you choose to email me. I receive about 50 junk emails via hotmail per day.

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