friday afternoon

i am at work. my son is here with me (no babysitter). my boss brought cadbury cream eggs back from lunch. i said, you want this child on sugar here? this child? on sugar? here?

so then the kid’s messing around in the online pok?dex, and starts singing ‘oops i did it again’. because pikachu reminds him of britney spears. or something.

i think i shall go mad.

12 thoughts on “friday afternoon

  1. Britney Spears. She is just wrong, Especially for children. Esp. children on sugar.

    Maybe GW could send her over to the evil axis, you know as a gesture of goodwill or something.

  2. I am addicted to Cadbury’s caramel eggs.
    They are as good as the Cadbury caramel bars in England – which are 100 times better than the version produced here (you have been warned).

    and yeah. Britney is wrong, but good that she’s categorized with Pikachu and not with… no.

  3. doesn’t cadbury’s make the ‘caramello’? that’s my favorite candy bar (though i’ve never been to england, so i’ve never tried theirs)

    on the box of eggs it said, made in england for hershey’s chocolate, so these are imported.

    and yes, the number of ways a four year old boy singing ‘oops i did it again’ is just wrong cannot really be counted, at least not by me. *shudder* he doesn’t get that from home! wait. yes he does — that pervasive pop culture of nickelodeon, which serves up frothy pop music in between important works such as spongebob and invader zim. *sigh* the good with the bad, i suppose.

  4. Um, kd? According to the above tagline, you’re already “mad,” so where do you go from there? But boy did I laugh out loud about the image!

  5. You do realize that exposure to britney spears is almost as bad as exposure to Grand Theft Auto III, right?

    I’m THIS CLOSE to calling the authorities…

    (um, just kidding….sorta.) hahaha

  6. ugh. ratty eats NOTHING that looks like a raw egg… eeek! even if it is choc-o-late.
    i would like to zap britney right into a pokemon show and then sell my TV, yes i would. 🙂

  7. she would translate well into the whole pok?mon ouervre. she just has that — plasticness about her, that would so work in anime.

  8. I, of course, am completely biased, but cannot eat any other chocolate since I started working at Wilbur. Not American-made, anyway, I can still stomach some of the European stuff. I think it’s because they have purity standards, like for beer.

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