google bombing for a good cause

i’ve ranted on and on (usually over on surreally main site) about the evils of verisign. their latest, allowing to be stolen outright from its owner and then flatly refusing to take any action to help recover the stolen domain, is something that, even though i was not directly affected, made me madder than a wet hornet. and i don’t spout ancient clich?s like that lightly.

now, you know google loves weblogs, because of all their interconnectedness. and the more we link, the higher the page rank goes. there’s a plan afoot to make sure google, and anyone searching for versisgn information, finds this page, this story: so, (and yes this is a meme, but the best kind of meme) the link should look like this: Verisign — that’s
<a href=””>Verisign</a>

link the living heck out of that page, and please spread the word.

24 thoughts on “google bombing for a good cause

  1. I’ll see what else I can dig up about verisign before linking anything that paints them in a derogatory light — since I’m not that familiar with verisign, I’d feel fairly irresponsible linking to textism’s rant based on anecedotal evidence and one woman’s story.

    Which isn’t to say that I’m in agreement with verisign either, I just need a wee bit more to go on than what I’ve seen thus far. Anyone have some ‘harder evidence’ links then can send to me so I can make a more educated decision? Email it to me.


  2. I wish I was more careful about saving links. I’ve run into things like this over and over in blogland. If this were the first time I’d heard about Verisign engaging in practices like this, I’d be less hyper to jump up and slap VERISIGN IS EVIL all over my blog. It is, however, not even close to the first time I’ve heard it.

  3. ratty linked. ratty got a fishy-washy letter from verisign a few months ago about renewing my domain names, very scammy… nasty taste, blech-blech.

  4. oh yeah — i got a few of those (i have lots of domains) and was utterly shocked that a company in the business of “trust” would stoop to these tactics.

    my company also received them and had i not been on top of this would have processed it like the invoice it appeared to be — i wonder how many people fell for that and just paid the bill.

  5. Thanks for all the links you sent me, kd — I’ve joined in the ‘bomb’ action on my own blog. 🙂

  6. wow…. just been reading… and decided to edit my entry and include more information. thanks kd…. this still stinks! 🙂

  7. I’m bombing as we speak – er, am finishing a post on it.
    I’m still confused by the whole thing – I got one of their emails about my domain. Now I wonder – how long before they sell my domain without telling me…

  8. Finally, links. Something I have enough smarts to participate with. Now if the same could be said for linking the dykewrite ring.

    Keep speaking about about injustices girl – in addition to your funny and insightful posts of course.

  9. I tried moving my main domain to another host – log into NetSol, user name, password, easy as pie. Nope. I had to call in because it wouldn’t accept my user name or password and when they asked me the last 4 digits of my social security # – told me I was wrong. Do you have ANY idea what it took for me to prove that I was me and get management of my domain back? Grrrrrrrrrrr I hate them with a passion.

  10. oh, and let’s not forget their scam “domain renewal” notices! anyone who fell for that “invoice” would have transferred their domain to the evil and incompetent verisign, at likely a much higher cost.

    i don’t even buy from sites that use verisign anymore. like right, i’m going to trust them.

  11. Oh man… they’re really fucking up left and right these days!
    I can relate to Tam’s nighmare when I had to transfer a load of domains to a new server IP. One client was livid “What do they want next… a letter from the POP???”

  12. i know.

    anyway, the irony just gets me — it’s almost impossible for the REAL owner to make a change, but they’ll let someone with a fake address, name, and phone number steal a domain with nothing but a forged fax (from a different COUNTRY than the original owner, mind you). and then sit there and say, “well, there’s nothing we can do. you’ll have to get the ‘new owner’ to give it back.

    makes me so mad i could just…. i don’t know what. but it makes me extremely fucking mad just thinking about it.

    webloggers have the power to get this information out and BRING VERISIGN DOWN.

  13. I read warnings about Verisign several months ago in a website promotion mailing list. I’ve lost cound of the number of highly respected web design professionals who registered their disgust. Needless to say, count me in… the link’s up.

  14. I’ve sworn to use my powers only for good, so count me in (a day late, but it’s better than nothing) 😉 LOL

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