it’s not even that late, and a(n amercian) holiday anyway. a solemn holiday on which we would do well to remember what our armed forces have done for us, for better or worse, they stood up for, and died for, this country. my country.

and i’m not going to write about current events or invoke the ‘t’ word.

i’m going to reflect on the goodness that is this life now, here, as it stands. i never pass a single day these days without looking around me and considering the beauty of the town i live in, here on the western edge of the states. right now life is good, it’s very good in spite of whatever, and i just want to go on record as not taking it for granted, just in case it gets …

never mind that. vague fears are not a part of appreciation, and should be cast aside for the sake of the purity of the moment.

i will cast them aside now. and for the record, patr?n is fine tequila.

4 thoughts on “holiday

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Whenever things are going great for a while, I get all apprehensive, because I feel that that is not balanced, and the great god of balance will ensure that things get back to a balance. This means that the downturn on the good stuff will be greater the longer the good stuff lasts.
    Thats why I get apprehensive anyway.
    Sometimes I wonder if my apprehension is what sets the pendulum swinging the other way? Bad Karma, know what I mean?

  2. For some reason, the system seems to lose my comments. I wrote something about how much I really do take life for granted and how lucky I am that I was born into the situation I was and not to parents sitting in a gulag in Siberia. And then I said that yes, Patron kicks ass.

  3. fortunately i only had just that little bit. otherwise … well, a 50ml bottle with many beers, is … whoo. ee. whooee.

    and for the record, foster’s is a fine breakfast beer.

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