i don’t believe in these things, do you?

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Week of May 16, 2002

“I took a hike into the hills in quest of an oracle for you. Just before I reached a lightning-struck tree at a sharp crook in the trail, I found an omen: a dog-eared Tarot card, the 8 of Cups, lying in the dirt. Back at home, I consulted a book by Angeles Arrien, my favorite Tarot interpreter. She said the card means you’re feeling drained or emotionally stagnant as a result of overextending yourself or not honoring your own limits and boundaries. I conclude, dear Sagittarius, that you should cut back on giving to others and take care of yourself better. ”

from free will astrology via miss b

10 thoughts on “i don’t believe in these things, do you?

  1. i am sooooo not stagnant. but i’m a little drained. but i’m figuring that’s because i can think of a half dozen things i’m supposed to do or have done by now — and i’ve been taking too much time for me, and now it’s time to get back to keeping up with the stuff.

    does this make sense?

  2. Yes, it does…

    But remember, what you do during “you time” always seems to filter back out to us. So never worry about that, okay?

  3. I’m a Sag too, and it doesn’t fit me at all. I like Miss b’s Star Wars one better. Can I change my sign?

  4. I’m not a Sagittarian, but Natty is… And MB. Jr. does have her feeling drained, etc. right now, because he is a handful, but no, I don’t believe in it, though sometimes I find myself reading it. 🙂

  5. Whoooo… Other than the *emotionally stagnant* (’cause you seem perky enough), she seems to have nailed you nicely *g*!

  6. i am a sag. i am drained. i need to be cryogenically sealed into a pod until my children are grandparents and the defrosted…

  7. ooh! my geek horoscope is:

    Nov 22 – Dec 21
    There’s only one chance in a million that a can of exploding Cheez Whiz will be fatal. Hello Mr. One Million.

    that’s… interesting. i like the Onion horoscopes too.

    aww, ratty, i don’t know how you do it. those teenagers outnumbering you and all. i can’t imagine. i had a one-on-one thing going and i STILL lost most of the time.

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