i don’t know

it turns out that an evaluation version of partition magic does not actually change partitions. therefore there’s eighty bucks between me and a dual boot machine. (oh, we have a copy at work, somewhere, maybe. but … that doesn’t help me now, does it?)

so if i go linux, i go all the way, all at once, and lose everything but the documents i just backed up and the emails that i just forwarded to myself.

i don’t know. and i’m feeling very impatient right now, but then again this is my computer we’re talking about here. i live on this thing. i don’t know if i’m entirely ready to give up all that it is now, right now. i would have given it up gladly had there been a screw up on the partitioning. but it’s different this way.

8 thoughts on “i don’t know

  1. oh no. lavonne? do you have any idea how sensible advice like that affects me? i want to DO LINUX RIGHT NOW now. oy.

  2. One alternate is to get another HD. You can get a 40gig HD for about $60. That way there is no way you will mess with your current files.

  3. I feel the same, kd. I would love to go linux, but some of the stuff I do wouldn’t work on it. I am also hesitant since I’m not familiar with it, and my computer is my life. I downloaded the vmware (yes, a copy) for trial purposes. Installed linux on a virtual machine to play with it and see how I liked it. It was alright, but got frustrating, so I’m not chunking windows just yet.

    It’d be better if there was another computer with Linux so we could play and not mess up our current lifeline. Good luck, if you decide to take the plunge.

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