i don’t leave home without it

though i almost did, this morning. it was sitting hooked up to the old puter with the intent of uploading this picture of the perpetual party on the top of my monitor at work.

and had i forgotten it, i would have been absolutely kicking myself when, as i waited at a stoplight on my way home, a big truck knocked over a fire hydrant. not so great for the truck driver, or the people who have to fix it, but thrilling for me. the water went up so high. it drenched cars and made rainbows. i was going to drive under it for fun when a cop pulled up and blocked that off.

i’m still grinning from how much fun it was to take those pictures.

21 thoughts on “i don’t leave home without it

  1. That makes me smile, just thinking about being there. I would have hopped out of the car and run over to it, to play in the water.

  2. Great shots! I have to tell you: those things can be a real pain to shut off, especially that style; the shut off is usually in the street, under a cap, right about where the water is deepest. Trust me…

  3. i don’t know about actually playing in that water. it was a LOT of water. it was … incredible really.

  4. Ok, in the first photo – are the elephant and the giaraffe going steady? I think the bunnyperson needs to turn around and keep an eye on them if not.

    That is such fun to have caught that moment! And I am SO irritated the cop came by at a bad moment – would have loved to see “car under the fountain” shots!

    You realize that between you and Jon you are forcing me to get a digicam. I will then gripe to you constantly about my bank account, as if it’s all your fault…

  5. naah, that’s at work — there are dusters who come in and do that sort of thing.

    it’s considerably grubbier here at home. considerably

  6. Did you get out of your car to take those pictures of the hydrant? The perspective doesn’t look like they were taken from the street.

    I’m definitely going to have to think about carrying my digital camera with me when I travel. Unfortunately, it would take me so long to get it ready, I’d probably miss the best shots.

    Oh, well.

  7. yup! lives on top of the monitor, mr. bunnysuit guy is in charge of propping it up.

    the little wishing thing is there too…

  8. i drove around the block, and parked in a parking lot to get out and take the pictures. i wanted to get some different perspectives. it then occurred to me to go drive under it, but by then the cop was there. other cars drove right under it — which looked kinda fun. free car wash and all. hmmph. i think it was kind of mean of the cop to block the turn lane.

  9. Great photos, kd. I love playing in water, and those made me want to go knock down a hydrant. Out here in the country, it would take hours for anyone to even notice much less come to cut it off. And yes, for those not familiar with rural areas, we have hydrants now too. 😉

  10. My 2 Neo dolls are sad that they can’t live on my monitor anymore. They’ve been banished to the stereo across the room since I got a flatscreen. I really need to start carrying my camera around with me too. Very cool pics, kd.

  11. heh heh… the water rises to a level that’s called the hydraulic grade line. it represents the amount of pressure in the pipeline. i’d say it’s about 20 psi (pounds per square inch) or so, judging from the height of the stoplight. that’s about right for a water supply system.

    cool stuff! thanks!

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