28 thoughts on “it’s not done

  1. Oh, kd. What a suprise. I was just changing your link on my page and checking it…WOW. It’s really beautiful.

    (Okie. Tried to submit and I think you must still be dinking with it. It didn’t go through…)

  2. there’s a great deal of minor adjustments to be done but most will be at the stylesheet level, so all in all, it’s working out quite well.

    i only have three or four more templates to do. or seven, or five, i don’t know. it seems… easy from here on out.

  3. this is so not done — i have to define whole new styles for the links pages and popups and stuff. i don’t know that i have the energy. and i’ve been so busy i haven’t surfed blogs all day.

    oh man. i think i’m in love with Shiela/aka The Tart — this is freakin’ gorgeous.

  4. “i’m just waiting for someone to complain about font size”

    Well, if you insist. (Must see ophthalmologist, must see ophthalmologist…) Grins…it ain’t too small at all, ma’am.

  5. Swank is my favourite word, and right now it totally fits. This is nice. It’s not really pink, it’s kind of a southwestern dusty rose.

  6. oh my. so this is what you’ve been so busy with. sorry i haven’t dropped by in a day or so. swank, peachy, gorgeous, beautiful, delicate, sexy in a ladylike kinda way… luscious! very classy.

  7. This looks so… so… swank! I love it. It almost inspires me to try a redesign all on my own.


    Now if only I could log in to my MT, life would be just peachy.

  8. there was too much crap in the sidebar. that’s more or less covered in the links section and the about page.

    i’m just waiting for someone to complain about font size. i usually don’t like it this little but in this case works for me.

  9. I LOVE it! VASpider wins for the use of the word swank. Yes, definitely, this is high up on the swankocity scale! And I really like the layout you have with the photo and the quote and all up there. As usual, you rock most muchly!

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