just thinkin’

so right now i’m about fed up with allergy season. as i posted monday, i’m surrounded by the enemy here. it’s a pretty enemy, but i’m tired of always feeling under attack. so i sat here racking my brains for a place to escape, to hide out. and i have a theory:

now, assuming phytoplankton don’t pollinate, i’m thinking the ocean would be a wonderful place to go. i mean, when you have asthma and they give you breathing treatments, you know what they put in there? saline solution, that’s right. so, moist, salty air would be good. and since i don’t have a boat handy, i suppose i’d have to settle for just being on the edge of the ocean, but all in all i think it would be very theraputic if i skipped work and went to the beach today.

there should be paid days off for people with this good of an excuse.

and in the ‘new and improved’ department, there are now permalinks for the comments. so, if you ever wanted to reference a specific comment, well, now you can.

i’m also working on the recent referrers thing but i kinda messed that up. i’ll see to it when i get home from the beach work.

4 thoughts on “just thinkin’

  1. oh, ok, and i also just made the ‘recent comments’ list include the comment author’s name and the link goes to the comments permalink.

    am i getting too carried away with my MT variables here? because this is just too fun.

  2. About once a year I call in to work and say “I won’t be in today – I am taking a sick day” And then, because I am not into lying, I say “and I’m going to the beach”.
    Sometimes, ya just gotta.

  3. see, i could do that, but i don’t have those things called ‘sick days’. oh, i can stay home and all, but they’re not gonna pay me. cheap bastards.

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