kill pop-ups

my boss has found this pop-up killer, from, called POW!. he recommends it highly and says that now, he rarely if ever sees a popup (or under) advertisement.

and Rick from has expanded his list of popup opt-out resources, cool stuff there.

it’s a never ending battle, isn’t it?

4 thoughts on “kill pop-ups

  1. love that rick! thanks for the reminder to opt-out again… i even gave him a donation and i feel like a nicer person for doing so… 🙂

  2. i love the color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and the design and writing and, you know, everything. but the color just struck me. got my computer up and running and came on by.

  3. I’m using Popup-Stopper. It’s pretty simple stuff – no configuration required. Basically, this program stops any pop-ups from occurring (by default). You can override this behaviour by holding down the CTRL key before clicking a link if you know that link will result in a popup window that you *want* to happen.

    It all works very well. Basically, the only time I need to hold down CTRL is for YACCS message popups. Other than that, and the occasional dialog box popup, I don’t have any worries.

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