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umm… oops. didn’t mean to drag it all out here. usually i don’t do that, and i do assure you that last night was an isolated incident. however, it brought back days when that happened more often, and brought them back hard.

i woke up not wanting to even confront it, then i decided what the hell. it’s ok. a consequence of living life out in the open, is that you will tend on occasion to be too open.

moving right along. being that it’s a holiday, i get to hear lotsa helicopters today – i’m within, oh, roughly 500 yards of the local trauma center (i can see the helipad from my front yard) and the flight path includes going right over my house at about 100 feet altitude. so i’m never short of sobering reminders of how good it is i get drunk and stay nice and safe in my house.

speaking of drunk… he apologized for the 4:30am namecalling and i bit his finger (he was pointing it at me) and i told him i had a beer for breakfast before coffee, then i’m having another beer then the rest of the coffee, and i made it clear there would be no housecleaning today. oh, i also apologized for waking him up by being loud at that hour. he didn’t believe that this is the first time in my life i’ve ever had beer for breakfast. i told him i posted what he said and he said without him i’d have nothing to write about. hello? oh whatever. i’m happy that i didn’t have any beer or coffee in my mouth, so nothing came out of my nose but a snort.

and then he gave me ten bucks for when he knows i’ll walk to the gas station for more beer. so, you know, this is life, as it is lived here in the open, is not a bad life afterall. it just has its moments.

21 thoughts on “life in the open

  1. Damn, kd…
    These sound a lot like the posts you catch on my site in the middle of the night (that mysteriously “vanish” by morning.)

    At least you have the courage to keep them up.
    (Man, I’d give *anything* for a girl to bite me… that would be, like, thre closest to physical contact I’ve had in a while…)


  2. i bite hard. it wasn’t a nice bite at all. it was like i bite the dentist if he hurts me — a reflexive thing.

  3. Lets just say that married life is not easy… It involves much negotiation, and sometimes negotiations break down. Thats just how it is. Now you just have to get up back and start negotiating again. All lifes like that really, some form of negotiation. Kids with parents, and vice versa, kids with teachers and vice versa, kids with kids, etc, then teens with parents, teachers and other teens then young adults with … Now I’m sure you can find books on the art of negotiations, in Barnes and Noble, KD… Then we can work on negotiating from a position of strength… Cause that rocks. Just a thought. And if I seem too nosy or anything tell me to butt out. That too is one form of negotiation, this time between bloggers 🙂

  4. he called you a hole and you only bit his FINGER? 😉

    KD – you are a doll and I think it’s awesome that you left the posts up! And just so you know, the next time he calls you a name like that, I’m going to personally come down there and open up a serious can ‘o whoop ‘ass on him. grrrr

  5. I think he deserved that bite. If not for the remarks last night then the attitude this morning. Sounds like they were intentionally biting in themselves.

    And leave it to Eric to get interested in biting…
    *rolls eyes*

  6. There have been times that I really wanted to delete an entry. Takes courage not to, but it makes the people I read so much more real to me and it is a public forum and honestly living and then spilling our guts about it is what we live for… ummmm right?

  7. domestic beer? well, maybe microbrew stuff, but that’s so expensive.

    i’m going to make more coffee and/or go get me some newcastle. both, really.

    there needs to be a jalape?o popper delivery service. there does.

  8. Reason #23 I stay away from tequila. I am not a nice person after 4 or 5 shots, and tend to say things that would be better left in a padlocked box — which is why I don’t drink anymore, or post anything on the rare occasion when I do drink.

    He should count his blessings that he has you in his life. He should consider himself lucky too. If it happened in my house, he’d be needing surgical reattachment of some major bodily organ.

  9. i had a whole 50ml bottle — that’s kind of the size of a hefty shot — and he’s the one who bought it for me.

    i think he was hoping it would get him laid.

    i actually don’t drink tequila anymore, mostly because it’s too much fun. however, i’d never tried that patron, so i figgered what the heck.

    it was yummy. what really got me drunk was all that beer — *sigh*

  10. I only allow myself to drink really expensive bourbon or wine at home. That way I never get drunk, cause I can’t afford it.

    I found my years of marriage to be filled with some of my happiest and saddest moments. I hope that your’s will be on the upswing today.

  11. I only allow myself to drink really expensive bourbon or wine at home. That way I never get drunk, cause I can’t afford it.

    I found my years of marriage to be filled with some of my happiest and saddest moments. I hope that your’s will be on the upswing today.

  12. Ah! The ol’ “ply her with liquor” thing. Will men never learn? My husband’s best friend gave me a bottle of Cuervo Gold 2 years ago as a housewarming present, and it’s still sitting on my closet shelf…only half full (or is it half empty?) I had three shots, and found myself hungover for three days. And to think I could drink a fifth by myself in my younger days. Getting older has its drawbacks. No more swinging from the chandeliers for this tart.

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