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so last night i was working on this. now that is no ordinary linklist. instead of typing line after line into some text list, i was inputting them in this cute little entry screen i made. if i hadn’t been so racked with allergies and tired, it might have been fun.

the beauty of this is that when you all go moving and changing as you tend to do, all i have to do is open a browser window (to my editing screen), select your name, make changes, save, and bing! all done.

it’s only like 2/3 done, nowhere near finished, but i’ll be finishing up today.

so i went through both my lists, site by site. i started out with ‘daily’ and ‘often’ categories like before, and when i was integrating some of the ‘new’ and re-evaluating this and that and — i don’t know how people do it who have different ‘tiers’ of surfing. too many decisions. and my head was so stuffed up, so i said the hell with it. went back and made everything that wasn’t new to the list, a group, a resource, or a site on surreally, into ‘blogs’. that’s it. blogs.

it’s going to be one long-ass list. can anyone suggest a way of further categorizing the ‘blogs’ list? ’cause i can’t.

it’s confusing me even now, just thinking about it. but at least it’s PHP/MySQL powered, so when i change my mind again and again, i have the cool editing screen to make it easy.

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  1. you’re totally on the to-do list, Krix, i wouldn’t forget you. remember, it’s somewhere between a half and two thirds done. and i was on it for HOURS last night.

    one good way to remind my flaky ass is to add yourself to the freerange linklist (see “add your link” in the sidebar”). i have a list (it’s around here somewhere, where did i put it?) of links i’ve been meaning to add when i went database.

    OH! and this is a reminder, there’s no reason for anyone not to add themselves to the freerange list. it’s fun. it’s easy. it’s cool.

  2. I was going to arrange mine by astrological sign, then found that Bill of Mermaniac had his that way. I thought that it would be way too confusing for two different Bills of two different genders to have the same sort of linklist. Too bad, I love the idea!

  3. not to mention how much fun it would be to cruise around the internet going ‘so, baby, what’s your sign?’

  4. I go alphabetical and put a break after every 10 blogs. it’s kinda like talking a pit stop that way and it doesn’t feel to insane. I did trim the fat down to about 110 sites, though.

  5. I like your links page lots. Its neat. For some reason, I like things neat in the cyber world and in real life, I’m one of the messiest slobs I know. I guess thats because you just straighten up once, when building the page, whereas in real life, you continually have to be cleaning up. Anyway, I’ll stop now, ’cause this is beginning to look like a pretty good blog entry 🙂

  6. well, i’m ok with insane if it doesn’t mean writing a ‘loop until’ statement to put an extra break tag every ten sites — and as far as fat trimming: i got rid of everything that doesn’t exist anymore. i was ruthless about that: if the site no longer exists, well, i don’t link it.

    other than that i’m too attached to my links to go deleting sites that actually are still there, because, sites are people. and, well, i … i can’t do that.

  7. I think you should stick with alphabetical lists (no breaks, otherwise you need code or maintenance to redo the breaks as you add new sites). And the mouse-overs could be used to show descriptions of the link as you do now with freerange.

    The other thing you MIGHT want to try is for the people who own the links to CHOOSE A CATEGORY (as well as supplying a short description). You could map the categories to colours if you wanted, to give people an idea of what categories existed. Or, you could add a SORT function to put the list alphabetically, or in CATEGORY/ALPHA order. The key (to keep your maintenance task at a minimum) is to have the list data maintained by the owners of the links.

  8. ya know, Jeff, i totally tried that with the freerange links. first i had to constantly point at the thing, saying, “i’m not updating my linklist anymore, add yourself there if you’re not on my list or you’ve changed’. i got tired of that.

    i will keep the freerange list. and your idea about suggesting their own categories is excellent — except the “me, and then everyone else” contingent, which i’d wager is pretty much everybody.

    so, alphabetical. it’s fine. it’s nice. i like it. i like the fact that as i’m surfing and i find a change or something new all i have to do is pop open a browser window and type in four lines (i am using mouseover like the freerange list). i was going to keep the big ole overlib ones, but this is good enough.

  9. Wow, first kd, I wanna be your coding apprentice or something. Secondly, I commend you on being so fierce about cutting out the sites that no longer exist. I think it’s a damn fine place to take a stand. I mean it: Stop the Madness!!

  10. same thing with PHP. and the two get along oh, so well. makes you wonder why someone would shell out what is it, ten grand for Cold Fusion Server? my god.

  11. I like good ol’ alphabetical! But if I belonged to Surreally, or a “collaborative” type of community, i’d probably put Surreally links (alphabetical) in one clump, then everyone else in another…

  12. Mnnn. I’ll take up more of kd’s comment space to say that she must have gone in and fixed it, cuz I didn’t do nothin’, and it’s all good now.

  13. I don’t know but when you figure out a good way to sort them please let me know 🙂 as of now I have mine broke down to morning reads, evening reads, geeky reads, new finds, and weekend reads but for some reason I just ain’t digging that set up at all

  14. Don’t worry Mike, soon she’ll see reason and link! *giggle*
    I just do alphabetical order because I’m lazy. And then every now and then get embarrassed when I realize I don’t have parts of the list alphabetized. Ah well.
    If I had to categorize things it’d take way too long!
    kd, for instance – a multi category grrrl if ever there was one…
    I am sooo glad you have a list of the surreally folks because it’s so hard to keep track of them all!

  15. heck, i keep thinking that i’ve even missed some of them! it’s confusing. there are so many. and yet i love all my linkys. just love ’em.

  16. I took a look at your new links page, it looks awesome!

    Are you sharing your code? Or have a tutorial? I have been looking for a web tool like this and just have no idea where to start.


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