it was almost an accident. i thought i would have to fdisk the system and i got to the prompt and could not do it. just couldn’t. too scared. but i had the Lycoris disk in the dvd drive when i rebooted, and, well, it started.

i considered it a sign. i’d been on the boards over at the Lycoris site and basically got all the encouragement i wanted to hear, so, i did it.

and here i am, mozilla/linux, surfing the internet. there are some strange issues with the monitor but i may solve them by giving up a little resolution or … you know, tweaking with it some more.

Lycoris is very lovely. and if i can do it, you probably can too. break FREE of the chains of M$.

i’m going to need netscape 7 and i’ll set up my email and then i’ll probably go get opera for fun.

no more IE for me, not on my main computer here at home. no, i am FREE.

because you know, linux is FREE. doesn’t cost any money. bandwidth and a CD-R. yeppers. bill gates can kiss my fat white ass. ooh, that would be fun – i still think he’s kinda hot you know. but at least i haven’t been having those, those dreams about him anymore. *sigh* actually i rather miss them.

added, 1:41AM — things i have figured out so far:

– can’t just play mp3s over the network. must have files locally, otherwise it upsets the CPU (??)
– how to copy files over the network from my backups. one at a time. have most of my mp3s now locally.
– figured out how to load all the mp3s into the built in player. am playing them now. having my whole mp3 collection on random is like a really fine radio station. really fine.
– used the ftp client (built-in) to download and edit a file
– the (built in) text editor inserts line breaks. bad. rushed to old win machine to fix my random quote js file
– i can deal with all this. it’s fully functional to the extent i must have it do these things
– this rocks really fucking hard
– i shall rent a dvd tomorrow to test the (built in) dvd player. i bet it rocks.


– i would rather deal with the learning curve and whatever bugs, than be an M$ slave anymore

11 thoughts on “linux

  1. so now i have like no idea what i’m doing. hmm, installing software. hmm. all that. i’ll have to use old puter for email and junk till i figure this all out.

    but you know, that was my intention anyway — have that safe old windows place.

    this is still rather scary. cool, but scary.

  2. well, i’ve fixed the video now — looked up settings on google. and there’s enough software on this i don’t need anything else — ftp client, text editors, you name it.

    i’m good to go. this mozilla thing is a wee bit funky, but it’s handling most things just fine.

    and i’ve even navigated over the network to my old computer and opened files there. oh yes. i have networking. with a winME machine. i do.

    this was easy.

  3. Operating System Linux UNIXBrowser Netscape 5.0
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:0.9.7; Redmond Linux) Gecko/20011221

    from my own referrer logs. yeppers, that’s me. happy, happy me.

  4. Have fun. I was pure Linux for awhile, but there was too much stuff I couldn’t do or find Linux replacements for so I went back to the chaingang 🙁

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