listen to mario

he knows what he’s talking about. and why not listen to a racecar driver that’s survived this long doing what he does?

and his suggestions are the same ones i am constantly having to scream at idiots on the road: 1. move over! that’s right, slow drivers are dangerous when they are in the way. speeders are going to speed (mr. andretti pauses at this point to say speeding is bad. this from a man with a corvette, a lamborghini, and a mercedes. uh-huh.) 2. pay attention! how simple is that? duh! and drive smoothly. that’s number 3, drive smoothly.

it’s more than a skill, good driving. it’s almost an art form. there’s a rhythm to it, a heightened awareness (especially when you’re going really fast. and i’m pretty sure mario goes fast on the freeway too, no matter what he said).

so you have it, from mario and me: get out of the way, pay attention, and don’t be a jerk. simple. ok, now, i want to see some better driving out there, ‘k now?

here’s the article

5 thoughts on “listen to mario

  1. Funny, everytime I tell this story, I end up telling it like six times (told it over lunch today, here we go).

    Mario Andretti almost ran over my mom once. Yes, that’s right, almost. We were walking through the pits at Laguna Seca (or maybe it was Sears Point, I couldn’t tell you, really – I was, like, six) and Mario Andretti zipped by on a little teeny motorcycle (think motorized tricycle a three-year-old could fit on quite happily) with someone on the back, and zipped by so close that she actually fell.

    So of course, while my mom and I don’t actually get along all that well all the time, I still carry a grudge.

  2. those crazy drivers with the ‘speed-gene’, i despise them! granted, i drive FAST on the freeway, it’s usually pretty empty when i’m going to work at 11p-12a, but i DON’T weave in and out and in and out… phooey on them weavers…

  3. I like driving fast sometimes…
    Now lets see.
    Move over… check. Well… Sometimes you come up on a pothole kind of sudden like here, and you’ve just got to dodge them, dontcha?
    Pay attention… Check. Well… Sometimes there are these ladies in little itty bitty skirts on the sidewalk, and its breezy, and… well you know the rest. Anyway,
    Drive smoothly… Check. Well… As I mentioned before, there are these potholes, see and…

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