13 thoughts on “look!

  1. OMG! I want to be a snarky bitch so bad I can taste it! Wait, I already AM a snarky bitch. To whom do I show my i.d. card?

  2. Yeah, kd, I meant to compliment you on the new look the other day, and got carried away reading your content.


    I just can’t seem to stay focused.

  3. am I the only one finding it difficult to read the posts because I’m too busy marveling at how beautiful the blog is? Is that like not seeing the trees for the forest?

    Oh, and I like bitchy women, too. woo hoo! Long live the bitchy women blogs!

  4. you know, i was just thinking about the way this looks, and thinking it’s a bit unbalanced, design wise — the photos are quite intense and the rest is so soothing.

    and then i thought, finally, a design that represents me: unbalanced!

  5. oh that’s right, i forgot. thanks. too tired to think right now, but i’ll get back to you on the database thing. night!

  6. check the credits section — i always give credit where credit is due. rick from technoerotica is the code god behind that bit of magic.

    and if you want a link database of your own like mine, just like blogrolling but hosted here, i can do that for you too. i have the code. it’s homegrown. not all that user friendly (because it’s written for my own use) but you could handle it.

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