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i am really enjoying mailwasher. found this last night at out of the frying pan, downloaded it at home, and now am using on my personal email accounts at work.

what it does, is analyze the messages while they’re still on your server. it will give you a list, with things that are suspected spam or viruses highlighted. and, yes, it will miss some spams, but you can view them (while still on the server) to decide yay or nay. then you can choose to delete them from the server AND send back fake ‘bounce’ messages, which can help get your name deleted from the spammer’s rosters. it then blacklists the spammers, and there are more features i’m not quite done playing with.

i’m enjoying the living hell out of bouncing these things back to the senders. delightful fun.

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  1. Great – now if it is easy to install, I may decide to keep my email accounts which have been drowing in spam and porn ads lately.

  2. it’s easy to install — and once you have it running, use it to check all your mail. keep your email client open, but set it not to check for messages, ever. that way they don’t get downloaded, and you can inspect, delete, or bounce what you need. then, when you are ready, manually hit the send and receive button on your email client, to download the messages you do want.

    it’s actually a little more work at first, but i’m thinking that it’ll be worth it in the long run. and the bouncing should really help getting you off the spammers lists.

  3. bouncy fun. i’m already getting less spams. been bouncing them from home and work, i love to bounce spams.

  4. I’ve been using mailwasher for several months. There’s only one caveat. If you use a “virtual email host” – someone that forwards mail from your “domain” to your “real” ISP mail account, then when you “bounce” a message, you are sending the bounce signal back to your virtual email host, not the original sender.

    Enough of those bounces, and your host may think your “real” email address has stopped working.

    Other than that, it’s a great product – and they told me they’re working on how to make the bounce back to the original sender work.

  5. i’ll fix that — and i don’t use my ISP at all for email — only my hosting servers. but that’s good advice for others who might be using that type of service.

  6. Welll, OK, I am going to try it. Like all of us, I am so damn sick and tired of the crud that clutters up the mail. Wonder if anything will, or can be done, to get rid of these parasites. Probably not. Life is cruel. Sigh.

  7. I have tried mail washer for three months now — i get 300 junk emails in two days. I have been bouncing things backs for three months and I have yet to see any of the regular senders stop and drop off my list in fact it seems like more and more new ones are coming in. So while it seemedl ike a good idea at thetime I have not bnoticed any reduction in spam at all. I’dlike to know if anyone else has experiemced this. I do not think its that virtual hosting problem I just read about.

  8. the email addy that i have out in public on another site got harvested by a lot of spambots (and lately, virus-bots, using the address in the return field. ugly bots) and i get more fresh spams than blacklisted spams. i assume it’s helping somewhat.

  9. IMHO, is a SCAM! It has not been ‘seen on CNN or BBC.’ Nor is it Steve Bass of PC World’s favourite SPAM fighter!

    That would be ‘Window Washer’ not ‘Mail Washer’!

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