monday: almost done

and good thing too, i was at least mildly hungover for most of it. the worst part was my feet — did a lot of walking, much of it without shoes. eh — the ground felt really good under my toes at the time.

and you know, i try not to be ill-tempered, but my boss sometimes drives me right over the edge. worst thing: monday morning, nine-ish, i come hobbling in the door and he beams ‘another beautiful day in paradise’ for like the seven hundredth time. i’ve gone past eye-rolling and groaning and now my response is an outright snarl. next step: throwing things. it’s just a little thing, but it actually causes me to dread walking through the door. i know it shouldn’t drive me to thoughts of violently hurling my little rubber squeezy ball at him, but i’m afraid it might come to that.

am i overreacting?

9 thoughts on “monday: almost done

  1. I think you should burst into song. Preferably Joni Mitchell’s where the chorus is “They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot.” He doesn’t have to know she was referring to Waikiki and the rest of Oahu (and yes, people, I am allowed to say that. I live there).

  2. i have considerable difficulty bursting into song — and first thing in the morning, it would be damn near impossible.

    i think i’ll have to throw things. the spongy rubber ball first, then bigger things, until he stops. because he must be stopped.

  3. I think singing “Everything Coming Up Roses” ala Ethel Merman would really get to him!
    Ya have to sing it just like Ethel-brazen and bold.
    However, this may make you tired and then you may have to nap after this performance…

  4. If you can’t burst into song, perhaps a tape player? When my boss talks to me in the morning I just give him a dirty look on my way to the coffee. The more cheery he is the dirtier the look. I think I threatened to pop him one once if he didn’t shut up and move out of the way. He still is a cheery chatter in the morning…. but I don’t give up!

  5. Happy joking morning people deserve to have things thrown at them. Very hard things. And I think I would have to play something loud and annoying… And I can’t think of anything annoying enough for your boss. Ah well. This calls for more caffeine…

  6. i just want to slink into the office unnoticed, more or less, greeting anyone should be optional and sound kind of like this “unhhh”. is that so much to ask?

    my boss is insanely a morning person. he gets up at like three AM or something and goes to the doughnut shop to hang out with the insane morning doughnut shop people. by the time i get there it’s like noon to him.

  7. little rubber squeezy balls do not deserve that kind of treatment.

    alternatively, if you see him acting a bit sluggish one afternoon, chug a mountain dew and give him a taste of his own medicine. if nothing else, it gives you a good excuse to drink mountain dew.

  8. you are NOT overreacting! i’m afraid he would be feeling my little squeezy rubber rat on the back of his head… but that’s just me. i truly don’t understand morning people, nope, nope, nope…
    actually, it’s really not so bad where i work. i see the morning people at the END of MY day. let them be boinky cheerful happy people! i’m on my way OUT, yippee! so actually, that makes us ALL boinky cheerful happy morning people! just for differnt reasons! i’m rambling! dear gawd! send me to bed!
    🙂 happy boinky morning everyone! :::ducking the rubber rats:::

  9. Try a name tag one morning that says
    “Not a morning person”
    or even better
    “Not open to discussion”
    just a suggestion …
    maybe try playing red-light-green-light. remember that game from elem. school? You see him heading towards you and yell “Red Light! Now you have to stop until I say Green Light!”

    no, wait, I’ve got it. Come in with a sloppy leer on your face, one shoulder higher than the other, and dragging one foot. Let him talk at you all he wants, and any time he stops to take a breath, start drooling and say “Yeess, Master, heh, heh. Brains. Yesss, brains.”
    Or something along those lines? I am so not a morning person myself, I just got lucky and landed a job that starts at noonish, which beats the hell even out of noon sharp.

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