monday continues

i am about as sick as can be of the stupid klez virus. i must get five copies a day. windows xp patch! yeah right. virus cleaning tool! uh-huh. mail returned undeliverable, original is attached! sure it is. sure it is.

people fall for this stuff? well, i guess they do. and i shouldn’t bag on them for it, it happens. however, it is my fervent hope that these are old copies bouncing around and not new infections. is there anyone who doesn’t know about this?

well, click here for the latest — apparently klez has infected some chernobyl-infected computers. to chernobyl, klez is just another file to infect, so when the virus goes back out, it has that little extra something in it.

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fasting? did i say i was going to… ahh, but if you’ve been reading me for long you know about me and my plans.

hey, i did do better today. i started with juice but realized my god, i should not have picked a monday for this. i need to get work done rather than listen to that constant whining in my own head. so i had a salad. a big salad. i feel better now.

12 thoughts on “monday continues

  1. That damn virus – what the hell happened? I went into work this morning…. 97 e-mails in the in-box – postmaster refusals of mails i never sent. NINETY SEVEN. Mass delete, no opening them, delete out of deleted mailbox, virus scanning like crazy, update virus protect, blah blah blah. Virus scan shows NOTHING. Suffice it to say, I sent NO personal e-mails out today. Work related only. Don’t wanna fuck up my friends’ computers.

  2. well, there’s lots of spoofing going on, chances are you’re safe, Sal. but, my god, NINETY-SEVEN emails? that’s just ugly. oh, so ugly.

  3. btw those “undeliverables” are usually not things you sent. they’re attempts to get you to open up the mail in curiosity thinking, ‘did i send something’??

    it’s part of the virus, probably not coming from your computer. however, sounds like you may know someone who is infected? to receive that many virii in a day?

  4. And a question from the Mac world (actually, not related to the above at all), is it wrong to ask how it’s going with the cigarettes? I don’t want to create undue attention or pressure, but since you are on some sort of path towards self-improvement (wierd! wierd! wierd! how many times must i tell you that you are perfect as is?) I was wondering how that other thing was going.

  5. I think they were “generated” by a spammer I am afflicted by. Some of the addresses looked as if they came from that wacko’s mailing list – so although I am pretty careful, I am sure that guy is a carrier. I knew they weren’t sent by me, but just the thought of having it floating around in my hard drive, and then on our server…. It feels like lice, ya know?
    By the way – Jill – you know the spammer…. that guy from Umass I mentioned I interviewed for a job about a year and a half ago? He has this incredible e-mail address book. Just sucks ’em up and sends out screeds of socialist/environmental propaganda – only NONE OF IT MAKES SENSE!

  6. JJ: *ahem* not very well. since chris went back on his thing the very next day, i’m amazed i lasted the week. i did, but only that.

    Sal: i know what you mean. i see them in my inbox and it’s that total cooties feeling. deleting them and then cleaning the deleted items should make that itch go away.

  7. Hey, Sal, I put two posts up last week that may or may not help you (and others; that’s why the link):

    I had a gentleman contact me requesting a confirmation of this activity: he had received an infected file with his wife’s email address as the return and the subject “Darling”. Nailed him. His Norton caught it, but…

    I suggested the subset of people with both he and his wife’s email addresses might be small enough to be worth notifying; but for all intents and purposes, any attachment opened or viewed in the preview pane of a windows box is a threat.

    The AV companies have this one covered so far, but a business professional I have dealings with got nailed today even with Norton and had to wait a while for the roach control department to clean her machine…

    “More herring, Scott, the penguins are hungry!”

  8. That’s our kd: smarter than the average bear.

    Know’s how to ‘just say no’ to computer-born pathogens…

    …and you know what? If it’s that darned cute, post it on your site and send the link!

  9. What I hate about that virus is that it knocks out my Norton Antivirus so I have to scan with Housecall online and it takes forever. Luckily, the hubby is pretty handy with the technical registry stuff.

    Fasting . . . hmmmm. It may well be good for the soul but it’s no fun. 🙁

  10. As a Mac user at home, I just laugh when my mailbox fills up with infections. I feel sorry for my poorer PC pals, and I’m sure that after the huge Microsoft scandal of 2005, I will start having to worry about virus protection.

    At work (on an HP PC) I always practice safe computing, and I’ve never been infected, though many have tried. Maybe there would be fewer problems if Mad Bull had his way.

  11. “people fall for this stuff? ”

    It’s not that they have a choice. In my case it unloaded when I opened the email in the preview pane. The virus isn’t even in the email attachment, it opens up from somewhere in an Iframe.

    “well, there’s lots of spoofing going on”
    What I’ve been doing now is I shut off the preview pane and I right-click on the email, select “properties”, and read it from the message source.

    In my case at work, none of the emails are coming from the people they “claim” to be from, the “return path” was some guy with a address. Same guy for all of them.

    I got one email from a guy that hasn’t worked at my job in almost two years. I know this because I replaced him & his email has long since been deactivated.

  12. “It’s not that they have a choice. In my case it unloaded when I opened the email in the preview pane.” — preview pane open = bad. me? preview window closed. don’t open attachments. assume virus until conclusive proof otherwise.

    me = no antivirus. just me. works fine.

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