and here we have a monday that’s really a tuesday, or visa versa, and over here we have — what a mess. usually i at least do the damn dishes, but not this weekend.

and no, it wasn’t that wild really, it just didn’t involve doing anything but hanging out on the computer, or watching nicktoons with the kid, or reading douglas adams, and of course, staying up too late and waking up a grumpy person — whatever.

so, remember when we (he) used to have taxis? it was a while back, predating this blog here (surreally days). well anyway, like several business transactions we’ve been involved in lately, it’s ended with us hauling someone to court. *sigh* i hate small claims court. just hate it. there’s nothing like the feeling of listening to someone tell complete and utter bullshit stories, with the utmost of sincerity. knowing that the worst thing you could do is react to the way that feels, and instead, you have to think logically and act calmly. and listening to this lying, not little fibs but big old bald faced whoppers, complete and utter fictions invented in their own minds, and do it well, is one of the ugliest feelings i know.

well i’m glad i didn’t have to go, then again, wating here to hear what went on isn’t that easy either. and most of the time there’s no closure right then and there anyway — many times the judge takes everything ‘under advisement’ and mails out the rulings later. and then the appeals.


10 thoughts on “monday-tuesday

  1. oh damn, i could not handle that, not at all. i have an absolute phobia about bureaucracy, courts, paperwork, all of it. i got hauled into court once, thanks to my now ex-husband, who didn’t even have the courage to show up with me. it was awful.

  2. eh. it’s just the grownup variety of everybody going running to mommy whining about how so-and-so was unfair.

  3. waking up a grumpy person
    You know, kd, I used to wake up grumpy . . .
    now I just let him sleep.
    Heh!!! (enter rim-shot sound track here)
    Hope all goes well for you with the court system – it is terrible to sit in court and know that you are in the right and still see that you may lose – grrrr

  4. I so HATE the court sytem….. and yet it is so much better than places where there is no clear system of laws… but o the stories I could tell! Hang in there kd. Keep suing the bastards!

  5. So, you have to keep from rolling your eyes too much in court, huh? Bleh. I especially hate that the weasels are hiding by parceling out things under various ownership – bet that’s come in handy before, eh?

    (Hee hee – good one Moosie!)

  6. I had no idea there were appeals allowed at small claim’s court.

    But the one thing I really loved about it was that time right after the bullshit… when you get to tell your side of the story, with all the evidence documented in black-and-white, and you make your opponent look like such a lying jerk.

    That’s the only part that makes it all worth while.

  7. assuming you have clear documentation. in this case, we have lots of that but these taxi leasing people are the biggest sleazeball assholes. one has no idea what they’ve whipped up against us.

    we got served papers from a countersuit friday, late in the afternoon, so we never even got to see what that was about.

  8. update: the judge says we needed to sue more, different people/entities.

    this taxi leasing business is who we did business with but it’s basically a bunch of holding companies, held by this ex-wife or that father-in-law.

    next time we just list ’em all. and there will be a next time.

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