mothers day

mothers day is not about cards and flowers and silly crap like that. it’s about all you can eat/drink buffets, shrimp and salsa and enchiladas and flan and whipped cream and champagne. that’s, all you can drink. we’re talking fun.

and when this consumption happens in downtown ventura in the midafternoon on the outdoor patio with old friends and our kids? let me tell you the air, it was so much more intoxicating than the sparkling wine the resturant purchased by the case for this event. seventy five degree ocean breezes alter your consciousness so thoroughly, so sweetly.

and then you figure these are teenagers taking you out. and there is not enough room in their car for everyone, so… improvise, right? we took the bus (don’t pics taken out of a bus window rock?)

seriously we could have had a ride, but we chose the adventure. we walked up the street, further than we needed to, because it was a beautiful afternoon.

i’d write better but i’m extremely drunk.

summary: mothers day = free champagne. the reward for all those hours of labor, when the kids take us out for a drunken brunch. i’m way to drunk to really express myself about this, but trust me, it’s all good.

16 thoughts on “mothers day

  1. i wish my mom could hold her liquor like you do so we could go for a champagne brunch buffet too… all she drinks these days are tea, fruit juices and coke… you’re one cool mom most daughters would like to have y’know?

    anyway, happy mother’s day!

  2. do you remember e-mailing me this afternoon? do you remember how you spelled durnk and htis?? do you remember what you SAID??
    oh my.

  3. Oh, kd!
    I see you did get to go outta the house!
    Sounds like a nice Mother’s Day…and the champagne is a nice touch too..n’cest pas?

  4. hahaha…

    There’s just something hilarious about getting drunk on free champagne. I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll be chuckling about it all day long.

  5. oh my. it’s a good thing i passed out early and woke up to take some aspirin. cheap champagne is fun while it lasts but it doesn’t feel so good the next day

    and drunken emails! boy it’s been a long time since i’ve done that!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day again. I’m a little late over here, but I got lost, somehow. Did you happen to get a number for your waitress? Very cute. I hope that you tipped her well.

  7. Yay! That sounds idyllic.
    Having your kids feed you champagne – yep, it’s all worth it! 😉

    I love your garden, too. Way to start your week with a (hachoo!) bang!

  8. our waitress was Dorothy, and the lady standing next to her is Brenda, who is the mom of Dorothy and the two dark haired girls seated at the table.

    she has a boyfriend, wKen, sorry to disappoint you.

  9. is that you hiding behind those nubile females? doesn’t look like you, but all i can see are the glasses. anyway, happy late mother’s day. hope you’re not hungover!

  10. no, that’s the other mom (of 3/4 of the nubile females in the picture). i’m on the other side of the camera.

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