naked monday

need cheering up? well, over the weekend, both mg and miss b got naked for the camera. i don’t know about you, but i feel better already.

and, for those of you desiring something less of the flesh and more of the spirit, may i suggest this? amazing.

9 thoughts on “naked monday

  1. I am totally tempted to snap a picture of my lovely large stretchmarked belly just to make you feel even better, kd…

    But I’m a prude. So I probably won’t.

  2. you know, i think a wide variety of nudity would be most welcome. after all, it’s monday. what else is there to do? oh, yeah, work and stuff but…

  3. yeeks. umm, i’ve decided, as part of an overall web beautification effort, to withhold my cellulitey excess until i get some results from this new motivation i found yesterday.

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