note to self

in times of stress do not buy large quantities of beer just because it is on sale. on the bright side, i had a lovely, solid night’s sleep and feel refreshed. on the not so bright side, i don’t even want to check my email and that whole thing about bursting into song and commentary last night? has me feeling a little … weird? yeah. weird’s the word.


9 thoughts on “note to self

  1. you are entitled to dring my share of the world’s beer supply. someone should get it and i won’t be using it. cheers 😉

  2. i was just a spokesperson for the beer, really. and you know what that was from? another one of those hankering for mp3s in which i ended up with kazaa. i know. now i’m going to have to run that adaware again and find all whatever sneaky stuff came with it.

    but i scored some cool mp3s, i really did. oh! not only did i get subdivisions but i also got two versions of yes: america. oh. god. what a great version of a great song.

  3. huh. well, i’m sure i took care of that while i was bleaching my arm hair at 2AM. *rolls eyes* yeah. it was a weird night.

  4. Hey – good things happen when you drink beer. And what better reasons to buy beer than: (1) it is on sale (2) you are feeling some stress, and (3) it is beer. The last being perhaps the best reason.

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