space‘s new layout just rocks. as does miguel‘s, which i believe was done by a certain tart.

i tried making my own skin but it turned out … not great, and i was overcome with waves of lethargy. or apathy. you know, whatever.

note to self: cheer the hell up dammit! it’s a holiday weekend! i was looking forward to this with all manner of happy geeky plans, and now i’m just. sitting. here.

13 thoughts on “notes

  1. Ahem. Just coming back on line from a cluster of an evening.

    …and the thought occurs that a little music might be in order.


  2. Go to a zoo. That always cheers me up. Or, come to Kansas and we’ll party till the cows come home. Literally. 🙂

  3. i wish i could cheer you up! but i feel exactly the same way… i am lethargically wasting a 5 day weekend… somebody KICK ME! geez, i even went to bed at 12m last night, unheard of!

  4. I feel your lethargy, kd. Fran has to work ALL weekend, so we really aren’t going to do anything, and I don’t really feel like it, anyways. Sigh. Maybe we should all take a nap and we’ll feel better this afternoon? 😉

  5. i think i figured it out. i went to bed at midnight myself (also unheard of, ratty) and woke up a couple times in the night for a little snack, and slept till just now.

    so apparently what i needed was about 10 1/2 hours of sleep.

  6. i tried, i tried. i had two beers and lost interest. maybe i should try harder?

    *whine* i have no music downloading software to make it fun. maybe i should check out the kazaa lite version, sans spyware?

    i have virus stuff now.

  7. To quote the old Navy saying, Dan, “the sun’s over the yardarm (somewhere)”. I must point out that we have no local beer other than micro-brews anymore; Primo was bought by Schlitz and dissolved/liquidated/went under/sank and any other wet verbs you care to apply. However…

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