last night i got this email, which my email filtering software did not identify as a virus because it had no attachment. it was called ‘a nice game’ which just screams virus, and it was a good, big email, 127k… is it possible the mail washer didn’t detect the attachment, but it was there? doubtful.

i have no way of knowing for sure if it was a virus since the source was something compiled, but this is something i’ve theorized for some time — email virii that are self-contained and not in attachments.

also, have you patched your IE yet? (thanks, Christine).

and Mike, aka cooties, has a good suggestion to stop the spambots in their tracks.

in other news, Eric has some questions he’d like to ask you. also Faith would like you to look at her penis collection. it’s, umm, big.

the internet: a strange and wonderful place.

6 thoughts on “notes

  1. I got that same email this morning, with an attachment. I just deleted it. I suppose I should hunt down the attachment. Great. Just what I need today.

  2. ooh, that would be a virus. don’t mess with it. just delete, and leave it deleted.

    maybe my mail thingy didn’t pick up the attachment. hmm.

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