oh, more toys!

if you go to scriptygoddess.com, you will see a disclaimer, something about they’re not really goddesses or something. that’s simply not true.

i have just installed a subscribe to this topic feature. if you are particularly interested in a topic, you can subscribe to receive comments on that post. you can unsubscribe on the page without commenting, or via email, and also manage all subscriptions from one handy page.

the installation went so well, and it worked so beautifully, well, i was moved maybe not all the way to tears, but i did get a little misty. beautiful code moves me that way.

thanks, goddesses!

28 thoughts on “oh, more toys!

  1. what’s so fun is that you can unsubscribe right through the email it sends you — and manage all your subscriptions to various posts from that screen it takes you to.

    so the emails never get annoying, you know.

    oh! at first it broke my preview template, but i solved that by going into a newer default MT template and grabbing the kind of template where it gives you the text box to edit as well — been meaning to do that. because, one thing it did was break the back button, but with an edit screen in the preview, well, who needs it?

    rockin’ code.

  2. heh. i’m not in their league — yet. i shall learn at their feet. what a great site they have over there!

    i’m going to do this for surreally main site now, and make it so the comments are inline rather than popups — to my mind it encourages more discussion, popups feel cramped to me.

    i love playing with code on a friday night.

  3. kd… that is a BEAUTIFUL site… there’s nothing I love more than geeks who want to share information. Much love for finding a great PHP site!

  4. those girls rock. i’ve just been perusing the archives and i’m all excited about everything i see. and this notify script? so freakin’ awesome.

    ahh. i loves me some code. i’m thinking if i wrote a simple little install script and a few error handlers into my link organizing scripty, they might put my script up. but it’ll be weeks before i’m done messing with all the cool hacks and mods they’ve got over there, so i doubt i’ll have the time or motivation. it works for me, in its raw state.

    i love my link database, i love code in general. i’m having fun tonight.

  5. working on those backslashes. alternatepete says it’s magicquotes or something. i’m researching. doesn’t happen w/o the preview screen, i think?

  6. it’s the preview screen. but there is stripslashes() commands aplenty in the code, which i have sent to the graciously helpful alternatepete, so he can help me think. my thinker’s about done for the night.

    my domain buyer, though, is full of energy and big plans. it is. oh my.

  7. …and I hadn’t thought I blew it.

    …and here it shows in the preview, but I’m going to try to take it out.

    …but it put them both back in.

    I’m betting it’s a self-generated escape character thingy.

    …adds on each time. ..and doesn’t like double quotes at all: kills everything after the first one.

    Data points on the information superhighway, Brain.

  8. Heya, thanks for debugging my MT comments. I fixed the subscribe thingummy whatsit, but for some reason I just can’t get the cookies to save in comments 🙁 I want my ‘save info’ back!

  9. You’re amazing. I can’t make enouch sense of code to love it. I’m alright to a certain point and then it might as well be sanskrit.
    I love seeing you all excited, though.

  10. Oh my, I don’t think I’m in Kansas anymore, Toto. In fact, I don’t even think I’m on the same planet. This thread was vastly entertaining. I don’t have a clue as to what the heck you’re all talking about. But that’s OK. I don’t mind, I just enjoy your company.

    OOOooo, I’m going to subscribe and see what happens.

  11. Hi, Mom!

    Welcome to the geekier side of the family!

    (n.b. Lorrraine web-adopted kd and me a little while back. Of course, we think she has excellent judgement in her choice of children…)

  12. and now i have a custom preview template too — the regular page template minus the mt include module of links — wouldn’t want people surfing off during a comment.

    or should i leave the regular internal-page navigation, for the sake of continuity?

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