on being observant

longwhorn mascot = uterus? you be the judge.

“From space, astronauts can see people making love as a tiny speck of light. Not light, exactly, but a glow that could be mistaken for light — a coital radiance that takes generations to pour like honey through the darkness to the astronaut’s eyes.”

It’s kind of like walking around in the supermarket on a weekday with nothing on but your under shorts and a clear plastic raincoat. And running into your mother and/or loan officer while making out with a high school guidance counselor in front of the frozen waffle cooler.

and at this point i’ll observe i need to go to bed. actual content tomorrow, really.

5 thoughts on “on being observant

  1. Oh how nice it is, I LOVE the lovely new design here sweetie! :o)
    But really now, honey, don’t you know that pink is a SO very gay color, but oh dear, it’s also SO VERY romantic and it makes me wanna grab my hubbybubby and kisskiss him all over! :o)

  2. oh my goodness! serves me right for not making my rounds like I used to..

    It looks so damn good here!! Beeeeyouteefull!

  3. coming up next — SKINS. really. i was going to think of things to post but instead i think i’ll play with more code.

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