back in the old days, we didn’t have microwaves. ok, i’m talking about a long, long time ago here, my parents were early adopters of the technology, and we had one in the house (an amana radarrange) by about 1970. of course, they were slower back then, and for a long time not much was microwavable, so all the while there was progress, increases in speed and usefulness, until it plateaued out a few years back.

now, i do remember when you had to bake tv dinners in the oven (and they sucked anyway). i remember things taking a long time. yet these days, when i pop a budget gourmet in this little 900 watt number and punch in three minutes, i feel impatient, waiting. i find myself thinking, isn’t it done yet?

but this isn’t all. now, i remember dial-up. that was really recent, not even a year ago i made the switch to dsl. and for a good chunk of time, i would marvel each time a page would load, each time i downloaded a big file — ooh! it’s so fast!

and that’s worn off. and now, i’ll click a link and in the ensuing (not very many) seconds, find myself thinking, sheesh, what’s taking so damn long!

i hate sounding so spoiled and whiny, especially to anyone still on dialup, suffering those horrible wait times that i can’t even imagine now, but honestly, it’s some sort of disorder i have, this absolute absence of patience. it’s not that i don’t wanna wait, it’s that i can’t, not without feeling extreme frustration. even anger.

i think i need T1 or T3 or something. and one of those replicator thingys like on the newer star treks.

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  1. Oh for the good old days! How I miss the snail mail and the pulse-dial phone …. Hey, have you ever told Kurtwood what it was like growing up without a VCR? That’s gotta be hard for him to fathom.

  2. i do remember dial phones (oh, didn’t the real bell have a lovely sound? i miss that sometimes) and having to mess with the antenna to get good reception. when camcorders and vcrs first came out, my parents did their research and bought the better product — yes, betamax. they eventually converted.

    i was telling one of kurtwood’s contemporaries a while back, that when i grew up there was no cable. he didn’t believe me.

  3. Try explaining a single channel of black and white VHF TV to today’s kids. No, nevermind; just take my advice and don’t bother to try…

    As kd knows, it’s that older parent thing…

  4. patience is not one of my virtues, i’m afraid. i have cable broadband, and it’s about 2x a T1 line. T1 is about 1.5megabits per second, T3 is (i think) 3x T1. (can someone confirm?) if you are dsl, you’re probably better than T1 already. 🙂

    did that help? no? <ducks>

  5. well, i ran a testy-thing on my dsl awhile back and it’s faster than it promised to be, so i’m not all that unhappy with it. but on days like today when the whole internet is kinda poky, at least from here, i go nuts. i count seconds… what? eight? at this point i want to click and just have the page flick into view. i should not be able to count seconds, dammit!

  6. Uh oh…I’m just realizing that I’m not really a patient person, I’m just under-technologized and used to it. Heh. I have no TV, I have a 56K modem dial up, and I don’t have a microwave. Eeek.

  7. you. don’t. have. a. microwave.

    ?? wow. i can understand the TV thing, the only good things on are spongebob, invader zim and the osbournes, but sheesh! no microwave! you’re really roughing it there.

  8. If enough money is raised, I’ll take some and get dsl for home. I find that some folks on my link list hardly ever get a visit from me because their page takes too long to load. I click, I wait, I wait some more, and then just can’t convince myself that waiting any further is worth it, and I’m gone.

  9. unfortunately, many times it’s not something that DSL can fix — blogspot pages for instance sometimes are slow because of server issues, or folks with too many remotely hosted scripts going, which sometimes slows page load horrendously.

  10. As crazy as this will sound….I don’t mind not having a microwave. I don’t have anywhere to put it, anyway (tiny little galley kitchen). I do have to admit that it’s tops for making popcorn, though. ;0)

  11. I do the same thing with the microwave. I’m still on dial-up, but fortunately I don’t download much except infrequent large files of tabular data; when I do that, I walk off and clean the kitchen counters or something. 😉

  12. Hahahaha…I don’t have a microwave AND I have dial up.

    Oh well…

    Jen, I can teach you how to make popcorn way better than microwave.

  13. and yes, i see the irony of me bitching about technology and progress not being enough, after having that ‘moment’ about it…

  14. i want a T1! right in my dining room! AND a replicator! then i could replicate T1’s for EVERYONE!!
    oh how decadent of me…
    i used to wonder where my patience with machines and people and cars and kids had gone… i guess i was ‘microwaved’…

  15. Wow I am older.. I remember when you had 1 phone and the phone co. owned it. So to get an other phone you had to call them and they charged you for it. Same with cable I might add…

  16. Dru — I can make it in a Dutch oven on the stove, too. That’s what I do at home. It tastes way better. But it’s just so much more convenient in the micro — all neat and tidy in its little bag. No muss, no fuss.

    And Link: I LIKE air popped popcorn. But I don’t have an air popper for the same reason I don’t have a microwave — tiny kitchen, no space. 🙂

  17. Speaking of TV dinners in the oven, I much prefer the texture and taste of Stouffer’s Spinach Souffle baked in the oven than nuked in the microwave.

    Quality comes with the quanitity of time you invest in it. If you can plan ahead, you can reap the rewards. Just “multi-task” so you’re not waiting on a pot to boil, that’s all.

    I downloaded 200 mp3’s of The Great Gildersleeve via dialup these past few days. Took “forever” but then I’ve got gigs and gigs of stuff I downloaded over 56k… just like that ant with the rubber tree plant, that’s all.

  18. how much does a T1 or T3 (or a really really fast connection like that) cost? I pay about 30 bucks for DSL.. and yes.. I’m afraid I have the bug too.. i want it to be lightning fast.. yes! The speed of light! Faster than that! bwwahahhahha

    oh yeah.. and where can i get it? lol

  19. ahh, no, Lynn, I was kidding. that kind of connection is hugely expensive — i think last i heard you could get a bargain T1 for four hundred or so a month?

  20. sigh – dialup here – but I do have a microwave – but it doesn’t do popcorn well at all, at all. soooooooooooo – the absolutively BEST way to do popcorn is on the stove – in a pot -with a little olive oil – cover the bottom with kernels – cover the top with a lid – shaka, shaka, shaka, violins!! LOVELY,LOVELY, LOVELY popcorn – then use the microwave to melt a little bitta butter and yummos! take it from the moose – I had to WORK to get these hips.

  21. I don’t have a microwave.
    I have dialup.
    However, I did used to live with a gang of people who *did* have a microwave and we still made popcorn on the stove with some oil.
    I also remember that in my formative years (honest) we were the last house on our street to have a b&w TV.
    I feel old.

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