problem solving

eight-thirty in the evening, the drive downtown. still a little light in the eastern sky, and the moon flanked by a pair of planets, and the memories this brought – wonder if it’s the mind playing tricks or if these planets were in similar attitudes back when i took astronomy as an extra class in late grade school. i remember tracking their progress through the sky by peering through a straw taped to a protractor, measuring the angle with a hanging string weighted by a washer. and i am digressing.

you see, i sometimes respond to stress with a beer run. and like anything in life, the journey is significant, and although the destination in this case does provide a yummy cold beverage, it’s the drive downtown where the problem is usually solved.

clarity and focus often happen in the car. this evening, i left before i’d even had half the chance to immerse myself in the stress, and by the time i got home, i was able to absorb the rest with the knowledge of the answer already clear as the moon in the night sky.

peace out.

4 thoughts on “problem solving

  1. I can see how reading Paige’s entry led you to this one. Calls to mind a phrase I read somewhere a long time ago: “Leave it in the oven; it’ll turn to pie all by itself.” Works for a lot of situations. (‘Course, you get called “passive” or “re-active”, but…)

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