problem solving

so my son’s here at work with me today, using a rather old and clunky computer cobbled together by my boss. and, it’s been slow and funky, crashing and all.

so he was waiting for a game to load, and you know those loading bars that creep across the screen? how sometimes, as you sit and stare at it, you can’t really tell if it’s moving or not?

so i asked him, is it moving or is it froze? and he said i don’t know — and he moved the mousecursor to exactly the edge of the loading bar, sat back a few seconds, during which it became apparent that the bar wasn’t moving, and then reported: no, it’s not moving.

why didn’t i ever think of that?

12 thoughts on “problem solving

  1. Look out, mom… you’re gonna have to work to stay one step ahead of him. That’s what my mom always used to say about me, how hard it was… but you know, she made it look easy.

    Which reminds me: Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. i am going to be installing, or attempting to install, a ‘subscibe to this topic’ feature tonight. i hope he doesn’t mind helping me out if i get into a bind with it.

  3. oh WOW! i learned that trick from MY kid, but she was about 9 at the time, late bloomer 🙂 a few months ago she told me “mommy, i wanna be a geek just like you!” so cool. and i am such a minor geek. i just out-geek all of my immediate family… someday, someday i shall live up to my daughter’s geeky expectations. either that or be out-geeked BY her!

  4. I would hate to have a dumb kid. Perhaps that is why I never have had any? Anyway, keep asking young Kurtwood for help.

  5. It’s really amazing the power of the young mind, before we’ve polluted it into “thinking” in a prescribed fashion.

    Enjoy it while you can…

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