rest? what?

about an hour ago i commenced getting caught up, a few emails and so much blogreading.

– email comes in: MT 2.01 is out! some fixes but also cool new features. very desirable release.
– mentally compile list of how many copies of MT whose existence i am personally responsible for
– lay out nightly supplements: vitamins, herbs, etc.
– streeeeeetch shoulders and neck
– marvel at the auditory elements of said stretching
– add two extra-strength aspirins to supplements
– start the process

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oh! news: Pete has now begun adding his words to the poemgen blog.

10 thoughts on “rest? what?

  1. friday is just the day that we get off ‘work’ for the weekend. the weekend is when we catch up on all the important stuff ‘work’ got in the way of.

    wow. i so want to start with the new defaults and rebuild this blog. i’m missing out on some features that it would be easier to begin with a fresh new (this was built in 1.1 or 1.31 i think).

    this is such a peaceful, functional design. it is stylesheets yet works in old netscape. it’s easy on the old eyes.

    but i want new. *sigh* like right, i have time. sure i do.

  2. *stretching* Snap. Crackle. Pop. Too much time in front of the computer…

    People should be paying you for all your MT efforts!

  3. weird — i almost just added “snap crackle pop” to that line, but left it alone. but yes, those were the sound effects.

  4. I play with the poemgen every so often. It spit this one out of my blog, and I’m pleased.

    New Blog poem,
    which is to get
    over us and accepting new
    participants. My defense, however, is appropriate as
    to me I feel worse,
    Than I was about
    myself, as
    cushions, handkerchiefs, napkins, boxes,
    or you as part of
    saying, Oh, but I
    could be embroidered, printed or attached to
    get her
    encouragement and the
    HTML than I even if more
    swank. look for
    him , uh, bebe, to see movies
    sure about wireless internet service. Posted by vaspider blog
    toy. spending too deep now this.

  5. Sure! I’d love to join. Legendary Monkey and I have been playing with the poemgen non-stop for about 20 minutes. The best one from her blog is (IMHO):

    Yay! Shaft is
    directing. Anyway, tonight
    I mean, I got this music.

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