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so i was wanting to be searchable. and i didn’t want to go with the because of their 500 page limit on free. i wanted free free. so i hit the MT boards and found MT-Search. and i fought with it, mainly because i didn’t get it at first — the part about it having its own MT template built in. i was trying to make my own. (sorry ’bout the rebuild error, Dan)

in any case, the new search facility is in the sidebar. i may put it further down after i stop being so damn happy with myself for installing it. and i am. happy. and i so needed this tonight.

oh, if you click go and go to the search thingamawhatsit, it will give you MUCH more advanced search options. wait. i should go put a link below that says, ‘advanced search’. yeah. because this thing rocks.
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edited: it turns out something in my implementation of MT does not get along with the advanced search features, so, it’s all about waiting for the next release of MT (this code has been turned over to Ben and Mena for integration into future versions of MT — does that rock or what?)

13 thoughts on “searchy goodness

  1. Mike, like what? …and what OS?

    I can’t get a cookie to set here from Konqueror under Linux, yet I can on other Surreally sites running MT.

    Looking for data points…

  2. Glad you like it! Wait until it’s fully integrated into MT. Muaaaahaha

    Anyway, yeah, the template thing was a necessary hack because it’s an external application that relies on MT but didn’t have the ability to utilize many of MT’s internals. Ben and Mena will be fixing that sometime in the future as I’ve handed all of the code over to them


  3. You are a certified MT Goddess. I don’t know what this entails, but I am sure all kinds of good things – a t’shirt at the very least I think.

  4. well, not that much of a goddess. something seems to happen when the ‘search comments’ or ‘search both entries and comments’ functionality is used, and one of the lists returned has the wrong file extensions. i actually mailed Jay Allen (who wrote this, and is currently cavorting around europe) and he mailed back saying, try starting with the defaults again and i just went *sigh* — basically those ARE the default templates, only within my style tags. probably something with the rest of my MT implementation, who knows? i’ll post it on the message board of MT under that topic, but nobody’s been there in weeks, so i have scant hope of searchable comments for now.

    well, since this has been turned over to Ben and Mena for integration into the next release of MT, well, i can wait for that.

  5. know what else it does? if i’m logged in as me, which i am, and i search? it gives me direct links to edit the posts. oh yes it does.

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