so far so good

why is it, with literally hundreds of comfortable places in a house, a cat will pick the most inhospitable spot, someplace where there is no room for him? why would a cat jump up on a kitchen counter, where he would have to displace any number of objects just to curl up on a hard counter? makes no sense.

and one of the objects he displaced was my digital camera. [thunk. bounce-bounce-bounce] i looked down under my chair (it bounced all the way across the kitchen) and felt this horrible sensation in the pit of my stomach. i picked up the camera and glared and the cat. i mean, glared. humans subjected to such a gaze would have fled the room, and possibly even the state. kitty was completely oblivious.

and the camera is apparently unharmed, o miracle of miracles. here’a a picture of the mother’s day card my son made at his babysitter’s.

i will test it out more later, to make sure, but right now i’m really impressed with the sturdiness of the Olympus Camedia D340R. i mean, i got it used, it’s an older model, and it’s still a great little camera.

16 thoughts on “so far so good

  1. After years as a loyal cat person, I am not convinced that cats are merely extremely fuzzy rodents.

    I love them and all, but I also find them unendingly annoying.

    Happy early mom’s day, kd…

  2. My cats mostly are where I am, especially one of them, so if there’s nothing soft to lay on around they just have to lay on something hard. At night the female one sleep in a chair and the male one in bed, on me. Maybe your cat just need company and want to be around you :o)

    It’s a very nice card, you couldn’t have got anything better for mother’s day :o)

  3. actually, the truth is, whenever kitty decides to jump on a shelf full of things and knock them off, it is an attention device. i like it when he comes and lays on my computer, that’s harmless and he can be near me.

  4. What a sweet card 🙂 and oooo you’re keyring is just like mine, with a carabiner (sp?) and a blockbuster tag.

  5. yes, that would be a mountain dew carabiner keyring that i got from collecting bottle caps. i like having all kinds of stuff on the keyring, the bigger it is, the harder it is to lose.

  6. Too bad it didn’t start taking wild psychodelic pictures. Your blog could have made Metafilter and Slashdot. Maybe you should drop it again.

  7. That’s a beautiful card.
    Think of the labor that went into it! He may have glued his whole hand, smacked it on the paper, and painted the glue into a more-hand-like shape before having a big fat glitter party all over it.
    Happy Almost Mother’s Day!

  8. well, his babysitter did the lettering and stuff. but it’s his hand (he’ll be five on june 1). they do these art projects, with lots of hand and footprints used, so we parents can save them forever as a reminder of when he was little.

    yeah, wKen, when i saw that crazy camera, i was half tempted to douse mine in mud.

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