spam and lies

i’m a little bit of a scatterbrain, so sometimes when i’m lied to, especially about something plausible, well, i’ll entertain a moment or two (or more) of self-doubt. it’s a most disconcerting feeling.

so this morning when i got a big, bright, busy spam saying ‘pepsi welcomes you’, well, i figured i had it coming. “In the recent past, you signed up to get some fun emails and fresh surprises from Pepsi… like this one!” it tells me. “Enjoy it. Want to unsubscribe? Just click here.” and and for a moment, i believed pepsi.

you see, awhile back while we still had a soda machine, i had a pretty bad diet mountain dew habit, and they had this under the cap game where you would login and put in your cap codes. i did pretty well with that, you know, got a keyring and a big beach blanket, had some thrills seeing if maybe i’d be an instant winner. but i’m ever so sure that i carefully evaluated all the potential spam signups. “uncheck this checked box if you don’t object to us sending you some exciting offers!” i don’t check lightly — i am always careful to make sure the message i’m sending is, ‘i don’t want any’.

but this morning pepsi made me doubt myself. what if i asked for it? what if, in a moment of weakness, the exciting offers sounded too tantalizing and i gave in? but in my mind, i knew something was wrong. i knew that this pepsi affair came long after the days i used to foolishly sign up for free things and complete the ‘tell us about your interests’ part. i’m not the gullible newbie i once was. i wouldn’t have opened my inbox to this. i didn’t say yes.

i feel so violated.

10 thoughts on “spam and lies

  1. Ah, et tu Pepsi?
    Every now and then I almost get tricked into filling in a survey online and then I have to stop myself and say no no no to more junk email….

  2. Another horror story with Yahoo…apparently they are teaming up with Prodigy to give me “more services” at no increase in my Prodigy monthly fees. I may just trash Prodigy and go with the local telecom ISP out of spite.

  3. oh! i figured it out, it wasn’t pepsi, it was evil yahoo. remember when yahoo decided that all the people who were opted out from receiving spam might have changed their minds, so reset everyone’s preferences? well, i thought, who cares i never use my yahoo account… except when i used my yahoo login to sign into the under the cap game. aha. aHa.

    so pepsi didn’t lie to me. yahoo lied to pepsi, said i was easy. hmmph.

  4. When I was new to the internet, I fell for everything and I’m still paying the price. My original email address stays full of spam. Luckily, msn provides me with spam control and blocking so I’m slowly but surely overcoming the results of my stupidity. But I think someone should produce a instruction manual for newbies warning them of all this stuff ahead of time.

  5. oh god yes! it should tell newbies about all the scams, and not to “unsubscribe” because it just confirms that you’re actively using that email account, and warn about “forward this to everyone you know”.

    i totally fell for so many things back when. i don’t like to see myself as gullible, but truth is, i was. extremely.

    i have several email accounts that are so spammed up, but i can’t just dump them. or can i? i can’t remember the last time a real email came to them but i keep thinking, one might. i’m even a packrat online.

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