the big oh-five

tomorrow’s my little guy’s birthday — finally. oy. we have been going through this build-up to the birthday for what seems like forever. the whining really got outta hand for awhile there (he’s not spoiled or anything though). and i’m really looking forward to this — we he’s is getting a playstation. a used one, yes, and not a lot of fancy games, just those nice crash bandicoot games. mommy likes those kinda games. there are even two controllers.

in other, completely unrelated news, i really think it’s time to shave my legs. every night this week i’ve had a different variation on the “out in public with nothing to cover my legs” nightmare theme. terrifying. all this other interesting dream adventure stuff going on (catching david spade in the bathroom doing coke! no wonder he’s so twitchy!), and all i can think about is leg hair. oy.

oy is like my new favorite word.

25 thoughts on “the big oh-five

  1. ok, i’m trying to figure out a way to steal skits’ husband. [does he cook and clean too? keep an eye on him, skits!]

    happy birthday to kurtwood, on playstation: crash bandicoot is just the beginning. you will NOT be able to control what he plays after he starts hanging out at other kids houses. they trade games, too. you won’t BELIEVE what some of these games have in them.

    playstation=pandora’s box

  2. oh, and shaving: i went a couple of years without shaving once. it was fine after the first six months of yuckiness, but of course i always wore pants and wasn’t involved with anyone. i started again as a mental health thing. having smooth legs just feels better.

  3. didn’t meant to criticize. i’m just saying i wish i’d never let my ex give my kid a nintendo when he was six. but i know it’s impossible to control their exposure to these things, unless we move to a mountaintop and never let them have friends. sometimes it’s tempting, though.

  4. oh–“crazy parents’ houses”: you’d be surprised at what apparently nice, sane parents will allow their kids to watch and play.

  5. see, the thing is, he’s been playing it at his babysitter’s and she’s real good at making sure the games are kid-friendly. there were days he’d come home crying because he wanted to keep playing Sonic the Hedgehog. *sigh* we can’t move to a mountaintop and keep him from knowing other kids, and he’s going in kindergarten in the fall, so…

    so then he’s going to come home crying ’cause he only has the PS1.

  6. lavonne–he cooks better than I do. muaah!!

    Our house currently has 1 super ninetendo, 1 playstation, 1 playstation 2, a sega dreamcast and an N64 system. We are all addicts. I am more addicted to the ps2 than I am the internet–that’s how bad it is. LOL

    Actually there are several recent studies that show many video games help teach your child to strategize and they’ve always been good at developing the eye-hand coordination. I think it’s just matter of making sure you know what they’re playing. 😉 And not getting addicted yourself.

  7. i used to love to play sonic the hedgehog. i loved it. i was obsessed, till i finally played the perfect game (get all the goodies and extras and never die). did that once, then did it again just to prove that the first time wasn’t a fluke — and i was done with it.

    now this crash bandicoot game — the guy at the store said, if you’re good, you could start early in the morning and finish at midnight (you could do sonic in about an hour and a half). umm… this might get a little addictive.

    and i way prefer the fun, non-shooting, punching, kicking, and bleeding games. and so does my son, so far.

    we’re going to have too much fun.

  8. Well… happy birthday to the little one… of course, this begs the question: how old are your leg hairs? Do they need a birthday cake too sometime soon?

  9. oh, the leg hairs are probably approaching their second lunaversary, no, i don’t think i could go a year. interesting thought — just to see what happened.

    do the europeans still do this not-shaving thing? how do they manage? maybe i should dream i’m in europe then. i mean, these dreams are really traumatic.

  10. I HATE shaving my legs. Especially now that I have a big belly to contend with. I went commando for a while there and just let it grow. My only gripe is that its uncomfortable with knee socks or hose. Oh, and it looks gross. But damn, I hate shaving.

  11. *sigh* gonna have to mow these puppies then i suppose. and when i say puppies, well, they’re about that fuzzy.

    no not really but… oh, it’s time.

  12. i shave once a year, when i go on vacation. just so i don’t scare all the other women in the room with me. and if the occasion calls for a dress? black tights and clunky doc martens… 🙂
    rats love their fur.

  13. I tried waxing my legs once. That was enough. I hate shaving my legs. Lucky for me, my husband doesn’t mind stubble. (he really is perfect–bwah!) I keep thinking if I can just LET them grow, I can eventually make a big braid down the back and it will look like I’m wearing seamed pantyhose. Sexy!

  14. I quit shaving my legs and pits the day Monk (who is 5 1/2) was born. I figured SOMETHING had to give, and that was what it was.

    Happy birthday to Kurtwood!!! Five is such a cool age!

  15. Am I the only one who doesn’t mind shaving? Maybe it is just a daily habit for me and I never think about how I really feel? Oy, that would be too bad.

    Happy Birthday! I wish I had a kid so I could justify getting a playstation, well a kid and money.

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