the parents

i’m one of those daughters that never calls, oh, occasionally i do call, but i’m bad about it. so anyway, my parents just called, my dad has the clean bill of health as far as his cancer, and my mom’s hanging in there — and they’re taking a three month trailer trip this summer (i’ll see them for awhile, and they’ll get to meet kurtwood for the first time).

they said, this might be their last trip… that sort of thought always makes me pause a moment. i’ve heard it before — this will be our last this, or that, from people getting up there in years. what a thought, eh?

so i mailed them and gave them the URL of this blog. what the heck?

12 thoughts on “the parents

  1. It is never too late to make a connection with someone – even parents. And whether it is done in person or via blogs, the connection is still made. Good for you.

  2. well, we have been back in touch, since i went up there last february/march for my dad’s surgery. but i am still bad about calling, because, well, i just am. i also never send cards. i have an anniversary card around here somewhere that i bought some four years ago. one of these years, i’ll remember. it’ll be a bit yellowed by then, though.

  3. i just always thought it was cool when people’s parents read and commented on their blogs. i hope they do.

  4. You are a very brave woman.
    Then again, I am thinking of my own parents, who already drive me insane in meatspace. They’d probably wander over to Jon’s site and start exchanging baby photos of their children. *rolls eyes*

  5. I’d be frightened of my parents reading my blog. I don’t need them harping at me over how x or y is wrong. Ergh. My mom emails me 2 or 3 times a week already, and that’s cool, but… man.

    I don’t need to discuss politics with my dad, either. 😉

  6. I need space to vent about my family, even if I don’t do it. If I told my mom, she’d tell my sister, and then it would be all over.

  7. Good for you, kd. Brave woman. I told my parents not to even visit my fried-spaghetti domain. I wouldn’t want them to find out what a loser I really am.

    Just kidding. Well. Sort of.

  8. My dad reads my blog and posts something almost daily. I love it. My mom also reads it, and then my grandmother comes over and they all read everything together. It’s great. The only thing is that I catch myself being cautious about what I’m posting. In person, I’m a foul-mouthed bitch. Truly, I am. But I think, because I know they’re reading, I tone it down a bit.

  9. i don’t cuss too much in the blog, oh i had my various phases in which i became enamoured of the word ‘fuck’, but i’m back to the old freakin friggin effing things, and then only when necessary.

  10. My son once told me that parents were the prime readers of blogs, and I can believe it. I love knowing about his life, without his having to make a special effort to stay in touch (he’s not inclined to do that, anyway)… He knows I read it, and his dad and I (long since divorced) can see each other’s comments about the nice kid we produced. Of course he’s in his early 30s; I might not have wanted to read it if he were a lot younger, LOL!


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