the questions we ask google

sometimes, one will just jump right out and break your heart. Does wearing size 12 make me fat? did you ever want to reach right back through google and say, oh, honey, now, now, it’s ok. you’re beautiful. please don’t hate yourself.

in the same results were these great quotes, i hope the searcher clicked there and felt a little better about things.

22 thoughts on “the questions we ask google

  1. ooh. big feet.

    no, seriously, i’m pretty sure that was a normal sized girl worrying about a perfectly lovely and normal dress/pants size. which made me sad.

  2. If being a Size 12 makes a woman fat, let me have it, please. I have sizes 12 and 14 stuff in my cedar chest, and am planning to pack it all up and take it somewhere—-Goodwill? Told myself I’d get back into those clothes some day. Yeah, right. Now I am a realist ’cause I’m at the age where being skinny isn’t as important as being healthy enough to live longer. Screw it.

    Living longer. That’s my first priority. hahahaha Whatchoo see is whatchoo get. If people don’t like my size, that’s their problem, not mine.

  3. Wow! #2 on a google! I got googled for “dumpy house”, “skirt and kneesocks” (pedophile? Probably) and e.e. cummings. But on none of those was I CLOSE to number2! By the way – I wear a size 12, and people describe me as “lanky” (although I am SURE I’m fat… aren’t we all? Awful).

  4. First: I *heart* the Miss Piggy quote. Must use that one soon. ;0)

    Next: As the auntie of a beautiful 13 year old who, at 5’7″ and size 5 somehow feels that she needs to pick at her food and drink only diet sodas, I’d like to bitch slap the powers that be that are causing her to feel that she’s less than gorgeous as is. Grrr.

    I’m a size 12, for Pete’s sake. I’ve got curves, no doubt, but no one has ever called me FAT. Not to my face, anyway, because I’ll pull a Miss Piggy on ’em. heh.

  5. Sal: i am number one on google for “kd”. also for “monkey sex”.

    and Jen, yes, the Miss Piggy quote rocks, as do many of them. i like that page alot, i really like Camryn Manheim too.

    i love that when she won her emmy she stood right there on the stage, lifted the statuette in the air and said, “THIS ONE’S FOR ALL THE FAT GIRLS”. rock on, Camryn!

  6. we sell some clothing at the store where i work. in some of the lines, a large is tantamount to a 10. in others, a large equals more like a 16. it is all so subjective. argggghhhh!

  7. yeah, that’s another thing i don’t get — the fact that sizes aren’t based in anything like, you know, actual measurements. you’d think — but no.

  8. My aunt is 72 years old..
    She says that knees are the ugliest part of the body,and she will not wear shorts.
    She also believes that if your arms are “big” you shouldn’t wear sleeveless tops..
    So here comes summer, and I expect to see her-yet again-wearing long pants and long sleeves blouses…
    And sweating her ass off..
    So even older people fall into this shit.

  9. For real. Isn’t the average size a 14 these days?
    Marilyn Monroe was a size 14.

    And no, wearing a size 12 doesn’t make you fat. Causality doesn’t work that way. Wearing a size 12 means you wear a size 12. Having your doctor throw the term ‘morbidly obese’ at you, well, that’s something to concern yourself with.

    I have friends who are size 1 who are unhappy, who are size 12 and unhappy, an aunt who’s a 7 and freaking out about it. I was a 14 a year ago, an 8 now, and I really happily pretty much only notice when my jeans start slipping off… but I do get grumpy when they stop fitting again.

    Curves are great. It’s other people’s intrusive attitudes about your body that suck (and make some go for the cannulas, ew nooooo).

  10. I *heart* Camryn!

    I wear a size 20 pants and a size 14 shirt – pear shaped, yes? And ya know what? MOST of the time, I feel pretty fucking sexy. A 12 would be TINY to me…I never want to be LESS than a 12, I’ve decided…that just wouldn’t be “me.”

  11. haha vaspider…

    One of the things my husband said to me that made me fall for him was something along the lines of “I like sleeping next to you because it’s not like sharing a bed with a bag of hangers…”


  12. See, this is why I love my friends. I was getting down on myself about my post-baby weight on the MUSH at one point, and was appropriately and completely mobbed by guys telling me to, in essence, shut the hell up. NakedTiny chimed in with, and I quote, ‘I LOVE SOFT WOMEN,’ talking about how much he loves bellies, etc., and Gev gave me a quote I’ll carry with me and snicker at occasionally forever:

    “If she don’t have hips, she can get off my dick.”

    This from a skinny little Goth boy who must weigh like FOUR POUNDS SOAKING WET.

    Have I mentioned I adore my friends? Yeh. Don’t tell ’em, though, it’ll go to their heads.

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