the thing at the mall

some time ago, i took a picture of this … this thing at the mall. i didn’t know what it was at the time, but it looked interesting enough, a framework on which any number of things might happen.

well. here’s the thing today. called ‘bus to home’, and if you look closely, you see that it is indeed a bus turning into a home.

now, the colors aren’t the artist’s fault — this is the color scheme of buses around here, and there’s a reason for that — i think safety. if they’re big and ugly, they’re more visible, right? but i dislike the entirely too literal imagery, and the fact that what it most resembles to me, at first glance, is a train wreck.

much as i’d like to like art that took heavy equipment and engineers and months of long man-hours to put together, i just think it’s ugly.

18 thoughts on “the thing at the mall

  1. so many people are afraid of having an opinion about art–one of the nice things about pieces like this is that they just beg for a reaction, and tend to pull people out of their usual art confusion. i agree, it’s ugly and obvious. but somehow, i’m enthusiastic anyway. what kind of perversity is that?

  2. well, you know, you have a good point. and the thing is, the whole area is definitely done under some art direction. they could have built purely utilitarian structures (bus depots are not the most artsy places you know), but instead, there was some real thought put into the whole thing.

    when it is done and they take down the fences i’ll get a lot more pictures. it’s not a pretty place, but it is definitely original-looking.

  3. Ok, I kinda like it – but mostly I’m disappointed. I was thinking it was gonna be some kinda ride. It looks rollercoastery – like the loop de loop coasters. Except you can’t get in this one and go on a ride. That’s sad.

  4. Hey I think dru and I were having the same thought at the same moment!
    And Jilly, I think everyone appreciates your perversity, in the nicest of ways! 🙂

  5. it’s quite tall — thirty feet? and i imagine all the bars will be covered up, climbing on it could be quite dangerous. i’m not sure if they will put steps inside so folks can climb up inside, if they did that would be way cool.

    it’s very sturdy looking. it could be climbable.

    might be inconvenient, if people got wandering up there and missed their bus though.

    i’ll be taking more pictures of this as it goes along — what i’m really hoping is that someday i’ll work up the nerve to actually ask permission while the crew is there, to wander around and be nosy with my cam. i’ve been meaning to, but i never want to annoy them.

  6. This is gonna sound odd, but it’s not ugly enough. To me at least, good art is either breathtakingly beautiful, or so ugly you wanna puke. This is neither… it’s just corporate, and as such, totally lacking a soul. The town I live in is full of that kinda thing.

  7. I agree with benway.
    It also looks like an earthquake happened at that spot.
    It probably cost mega bucks, too.
    In spite of all its “work”, it screams for life.

  8. Bus to home, huh? Well, KD, I don’t like it much either. Maybe when its finished… But more than likely not, from what I’m seeing.

  9. Really? I dig it. Cool concept and it’s actually quite an interesting sculpture. The colors are scary, but I guess they make sense based o what you said.

  10. See, this is what good art does. Wether you think it’s ugly or nice, corporate or unique, useless or a nice touch, it’s forcing you to think about it.

    (I don’t like it, BTW. But that’s just me.)

  11. I’m with benway, also. This is just ugly. If I stand around staring at something like this, I expect to be emotionally moved—one way or another. This thing leaves me cold.

    Reaction, the name of the game. Right? Milwaukee has some gruesome stuff, too. You get used to seeing it. But we also lay claim to Santiago Calatrava’s Soleil Brise as part of our Art Museum, right on the shores of Lake Michigan. It boggles the mind in its beauty.

    Milwaukee is not just bratwurst and beer. We are cool.

  12. this thingy is being constucted in full view of the public instead of being unvieled upon completion.stupid? maybe. ugly?no more than any other unfinished project. costly? well you betcha. we venturans are known for large, ghastly, metal sculptures that protrude from the ground or are claimed by the sea.

  13. I like giving my own names to large sculptures, and I’ve made a game for years out of ending the names with “after a hurricane.”
    I think the designer of this one forgot that part.
    “Bus to home after a hurricane.”
    Now, doesn’t that make a hell of a lot more sense? 🙂
    (and I’m an acrophile: I have a fetish for climbing things, especially half-constructed things. I’m with drublood & batgrl – that thing begs to be crawled upon.)

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