the whole sort of general mish mash

ok, i have to say more than ‘it’s** a mess’. it would be irresponsible of me not to. now, it’s very widely known that i don’t do conflict well and as such inhabit my own private switzerland. kind of like having my own private idaho, but with lots of nice watches and chocolate.

uh, where was i? ok, the thing that’s most upsetting to me right now is that people are expressing heated opinions one way or another without knowing the facts, or without even bothering to look at the different perspecives on the issues. what i would say to those people is, please realize if you come out heavily in favor of one aspect or another, you may later find yourself sheepishly having to retract your statements or even worse, just closing your mind and defending whatever position you took.

and you know, batgrl has stepped back from this and done her research, and yours and mine too – i often look to her for the comprehensive linking, and she has indeed linked to all the folks currently posting about it all, pro and con.

so before you go off in one direction or another, please do a little reading with an open mind. or, you can join me here in switzerland, where we are feeling a little sad about the whole thing in general.

**umm, and if for some reason this doesn’t ring a bell to you, then you are quite fortunate. ignore the whole thing and proceed on to look at fuzzy bug pictures:

29 thoughts on “the whole sort of general mish mash

  1. you know, i’ve been feeling out of the web loop for a long time, feeling decidedly unpopular but for once, i’m glad that i have been totally clueless. it’s so peaceful.

  2. peace sounds nice. i would say i miss it, but has there ever really been peace?

    i’m feeling more and more sad about this. even seven stuffed jalape?os didn’t make me feel any better.

  3. i was referring to the last entry, which includes two pictures of a vw beetle taken with a camera whose lens had been poked at by grubby little hands.

    hence fuzzy bug. entry title is ‘critters’

  4. mmm… chocolate and pecans. sounds like an excellent dessert.

    but maybe we should order some more poppers. i swear, there should be popper delivery services. such an important food group.

  5. I’m going to stick with chocolate and fuzzy bug pics myself. I shall stay with you in Switzerland, kd! We’ll get gorgeous ski instructors with names like Fritz or Hans to bring us cocoa.

  6. Switzerland is nice. Not only for the chocolate, but for the close proximity to cash should one of those ski bunnies shoose to adopt me. Or just give me cash is nice too.

  7. kd, you are so right, as you so often are. Apparently I shoulda gone to Zurich yesterday, but now that I *have* read all the info out there, is there still room for me there today? With you? (And chocolate?)

  8. I’d like some chocolate too, please.

    Actually, I’d like a ski instructor named Sven DIPPED in chocolate, if you got one.

  9. I am out being sick as I have been most of the past 12 freaking months it seems and I have no clue. Tho’ for the past several months I have had no clue. But I can say one thing, I am very peaceful, yes, peaceful indeed. I don’t know what is going on but it all sounds ucky to me. (I get bits and pieces about such things in e-mails but you know how that is) anyway I thinking we need a “Utopia”. Ok so that is not possible. But one thing is true, if everyone thought alike, looked alike, acted alike and were exactly alike, it sure would be a really yucky place – don’t you think? It is odd how on the web, objects in the “monitor” appear larger than they are. It is hard to actually get the “feel” for what someone is trying to convey sometimes and Kd is right, often it is best to leark around a bit before taking a plunge. (and that of course is from a person who does not know what the hell is going on and is living in the land of exile in blog land.) People can be so mean though, this I have found in the past three months. People I thought were the best people in the world, have turned out to be some of the most hateful. Those I assumed to be just down right awful, have shown me to be wonderful! Amazing how blog land is. I think everyone should just say sorry, accept it and move on. 🙂 Whatever it is we are talking about.

    Miss you KD, Huggles!

  10. Switzerland is a lovely place. I spend most of my time there, when I can. My teacup is jet propelled you see – travels well. Unfortunately I kinda had to make this field trip for the time being. I hope to get back to my peaceful little corner too, with my tea and cookies. *sigh*

  11. Unstable? WHO YOU CALLING UNSTABLE? THE FIGHT IS ON! hehe…Hey D you wanna go to Switzerland with ME? 🙂 I will save all of my “stable” hugs just for you!

  12. D I sure miss you ya know dat? 🙂 You MUST e-mail me, update my poor soul! I mean honestly, I have had so much going on I have not been able to keep up with everyone! Drop me a line soon, I miss our e-mails! 🙂

    FYI: I do love the slopes, last time I did not have much fun but then hell it is high time I got back on them! As for snow, I am in my element if there is lots of snow! I would love to!

  13. Got room for one more in Switzerland? I hate conflict, too…but I also miss LeeLee.

    *Passing the chocolates and checking my Rolex*

  14. there’s always room in switerland. Hanz? more cocoa, and, could you rub my neck please? ahhh, that’s the spot.

  15. On Switzerland:

    1) Do not walk cross the road unless the “Green Man” is present.
    2) Do not drive over the speed limit.

    Both things incur the wrath of carefully hidden police officials.

  16. Hmmmm…..Switzerland, ski instructors, skiing, chocolate, and watches on one hand, war-torn Internetavia on the other…I know which one I pick. 🙂

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