thrift shop trauma

i was so excited. a brand new goodwill store just opened, right around the corner. ahh, thrift store paradise, i thought. i love the thrift stores. i was nearly giddy with anticipation.

*sigh* inside it was all clean and well lit and spacious and decorated by someone who knows retailing. not necessarily a good sign, for a down and dirty bargain hunter such as myself. i like to stalk the wild half-off tag amidst the musty disarray of stores that don’t bother with atmosphere, for in those cramped aisles much cheapness hides, waiting for my triumphant discovery.

all that niceness has its price. seems the standard for most things was $4.49. and there was no ‘half off the tags of this color’ like at the old downtown store. and the jeans, which i was in the market for, ran about $10. i could go to ross dress for less where the clothes are sorted by size, for that kind of money.

and the worst part was finding cute things, nice things i might have spent the money on — in size, say, 13. looking at them longingly and remembering back, not too long ago, when that would have been a great find. and realizing the actual numbers that would occupy the tags of any pants i did find. this being this size is rather new to me. next week — juice fast. i’m not kidding this time.

anyway, some fifteen minutes into this expedition, my son’s alternate bouncing around and whining and the overwhelming size of my own ass got to me, and i couldn’t go on. i left in defeat, without having captured even one bargain.

17 thoughts on “thrift shop trauma

  1. I’m still getting used to my Post Baby Butt.

    Kinda weird. I used to be a size 8. I remember this fondly.

    I’m a size 14 now — and a curvy size 14, at that, with a waist and all –which is okay, but… I don’t know. I keep pulling out my pre-baby jeans and putting them away rather than donating them. Somehow, I keep thinking, I’m gonna be that size again.

    No idea how, mind you, because I have a sweet tooth the size of Wisconsin, but, hey, I can dream.

    Which brings me sort of segued to my next pet peeve. Why do all the jeans in larger sizes not fit women with actual curves? Why do my jeans have a wide enough ass but no waist definition whatsoever?

  2. i can’t blame this weight on any baby — my youngest being nearly five now, and i was a heck of a lot thinner last year. i’m just so sedentary. i never walk further than the car. this is going to change. i thought i could maybe just get in touch with my matronly side, but i couldn’t do it. i couldn’t buy the pants.

    i have one pair of size 13/15 stretch jeans. i will live in those until i get rid of some of these pounds.

  3. while not concerned about the breadth of my tushie, my waistline had gotten the better part of me. 18 months ago i was nearly 200 pounds and the 36-inch waist jeans were rather … ahhh…. snug (yeah, that’s the word). i started weight training and cardio six days a week, made a diet change, and dropped nearly twenty pounds. i just bought some 34-waist jeans and have decided to get busy with the training and diet again. i could stand to drop another 15 pounds.

    the trick is to heat your body up regularly, eat small, high quality meals (about six per day), and keep you fat (high calorie) intake low. i recommend reading body-for-life by bill phillips for some pointers. get it at the library. you don’t have to follow his program per se, but he has some great ideas.

  4. Goodwill did the same thing in San Francisco. Apparently they figured out that shopping for used clothing was “chic”. Alas, it might be chic when you are 21, your parents are still supporting you, and you love looking like you threw something together out of a dumpster. But it’s not so chic when you are twice that age and just need some clean clothes that fit.

  5. They actualy have some great stuff at thrift stores. The Salvation Army in East Stroudsburg even has suits.

    When does your son turn 5, kd?
    Johnny turns five on Tuesday. They must be around the same age.

  6. kurtwood will be 5 on june first.

    oh, it’s not that this goodwill had bad clothes. it had decent clothes, but i could find the same price range on the clearance racks at ross dress for less — and i’m really, really cheap. to my mind, tops should be half off of an original price of no more than three dollars, five if they’re totally nice. pants? five bucks tops.

    it’s hard to be thrifty when thrift stores go all upscale. what about the damn poor people dammit? do the trendy folk have to ruin everything for us?

  7. God, I love the East Stroudsburg SA. It’s been years since I was there. The Lancaster SA is right up there with it. I found a gorgeous dress there — green and white satin. I should have bought it.


  8. …and honey, do it now; trying it as you get older is harder and harder and harder.

    Am there, trying that…

  9. i love ross. and i am the imelda marcos of my generation, because when i am having weight issues i just buy some shoes. but ross has good shoes too!

  10. I’m with you on that diet thing, KD. I don’t have the butt problem, (dammit, I hardly have a butt, maybe you can send me some of yours :)) ) but the waist is getting a bit unruly… Water and lettuce only for the week for me… No. I’m kidding… But I gotta do something (*wail*)

  11. oh, my waist is out of hand too. everything is. my fingers are fat, my feet are fat, and i’m having some chin issues too.

    i figure i’ll juice-fast to jump start because i know if i get in a mode i’ll be more likely to keep it up. but i need some fast results, and to cleanse myself.

    and walking. i will walk instead of my evening nap.

  12. Don’t even get me started on overpriced thrift stores. They piss me off. I once saw an old scratched beatles record marked $50 at a thrift store. Sure, it was an old Beatles record, but it never would have fetched that much from a collector. They were just being cocky.

  13. I couldn’t agree more. My mom has shopped in rummage sales,and garage sales all her life, now it is trendy and prices are so much higher.
    You all probably know this, but for anyone who doesn’t:
    Sizes in the 1950’s (for example) were different than they are now. Monroe wore a size 14, when in today’s sizes it would be a 6 or 8.
    So kd you really wear a 6 or 8, so don’t be discouraged!
    My problem with pants is that they are really crotch grabbers. The rise is too low, so there is a shortness between the waist and crotch area. Liz Claiborne has a good fit, but you pay through the nose. But, then again, its better than getting an infection.
    Designers are making clothes for pre-teen bodies. No hips, ass, waist. Just big gigantic boobs. Even the underwear lady said that the bra sizes are getting bigger and bigger and all bras are coming in underwire. Looks I will going braless if this keeps going on..

  14. Last night I dreamt about being on a treadmill with Drew Carey, with only a blanket for clothing. I blame this post, which I read just before going to bed.

  15. i used to love shopping. really, i did, and now, i really don’t. sad.

    but, i save lots of money…

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