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  1. i think of them as being grim and humorless — could they really mean this? or are they just pulling our legs? do i laugh or barf?

    there were some issues not covered here, like, should you only eat what you hit yourself? or, if you find something, how do you know it’s still good? in some parts of the country i don’t think the meat would be good very long.

    i have lots of unanswered questions. i just went there to find something to bitch about because i … well, i do that sort of thing and i found that page it just stopped me in my tracks.

  2. No, hon, I think they really mean it. PETA doesn’t have one sliver of a sense of humor in their collective body. We have a guy here at work who’s among their number. They stand outside the department stores and scream at anyone wearing fur. A few weeks ago, apparently, one of them threw a rock through a plate glass window…..idiots. Total idiots.

  3. That is really funny! At least, I choose to be amused. I have never been amused by PETA before, so I will think much more kindly of them in the future!

  4. Um, it’s really dangerous to eat roadkill – I’m not even looking at the site by the way. But you’d really have to know how to measure body temp to be sure it was fresh enough. And then there is the concern that some animals get hit because they are too sickly to get out of the way – and that’s not really something you’d want to consume. And if it’s roadkill you hit and killed – well, who’d have the heart to do that? “Gee, I hit the deer, it totaled the front of my car, guess I’ll throw it in the trunk and take it home and cook it up.” Yeah, right…

  5. Actually, Batgirl, I do know people who have said to the game warden – “gee officer, it ran in front of my truck – it would be a shame to waste it….”

  6. Did you read the thing PETA’s doing about asking the Dairy Board to stop those “It’s The Cheese” ads showing the talking cows because “cows are never that happy”?

    hoopty – an omnivore and damn proud of it.

  7. oh my god! you mean cows don’t talk? they’re not happy? i totally believe everything i see on TV, don’t you?

  8. But … would it be pesticide free if it’s been eating plants? I’m starting to think we are all cursed. Meat’s not good for you (hormones & antibiotics). Plants aren’t good for you (pesticides). What is good for us any more? Regardless, I’m not eating any roadkill either!

  9. i’m still not convinced that they’re really, really seriously saying “eat roadkill”. maybe it’s their twisted way of saying, be a vegan?

    because, i mean, there are so many things that could be wrong with roadkill animals. jeez, what if some idiot read that page and ate some tainted meat and died? oh right. natural selection. ok.

  10. freaky! when i worked at a bookstore during college we sold a cookbook that instructed you how to cook meat in your car engine. i think it was called ‘manifold destiny’. that sounds more plausible!

  11. you know, i never used to think of PETA as being crazed extremists – i don’t pay that much attention to the news about them – and i always thought it sounded like a good idea, making corporate farmers stop some of the horrible things that are going on. i would never want to make light of that problem, but the solution is not this kind of wacked, out-there extremism.

    things like this make it really hard to take them seriously, really dilutes their message. the whole page looks so much like a parody, but it’s not one, and it is linked right off their main page!

  12. ummm…”sex over roadkill” – wouldn’t that be a little, er, squishy and stinky and stuff.

    (sorry sorry sorry)

    RE: PETA – they lost me when they ran some campaign about fat people. I’ve been vegetarian/vegan for half my life and I happen to be a fat person, too…you don’t have to be unhealthy to be fat…and you don’t have to be a meateater to be fat, either.

  13. yeah, dragging the health aspect into this isn’t very smart either — they really are confusing the issues, in a rather irrational way.

    “meat is murder”
    “but i like meat, can’t we just treat farm animals more humanely?”
    “ok, then, meat makes you fat”
    “my weight isn’t the issue here”
    “ok then, why not eat roadkill if you like your fattening meat so much”

    umm. and the point was?

    “ethical” treatment of animals implies using logic and reason to define our practices. not whatever rhetoric can be thrown into the arguement.

  14. logic, reason, and conscience, of course. ack. need to get back to this latest set of templates.

  15. PETA is an embarrassment to those of us who can be rationale, sane, animal welfarists. They do more harm than good, I’m convinced.

  16. Paul McCartney is total vegan.
    But he can afford to be, he’s worth, like, a couple billion.
    His belts are not leather,nor are his shoes.
    And he is marrying someone almost half his age..
    Yeah, wealthy vegans get the girl every time..

  17. Well, LaBrat… I suspect someone as cute as McCartney has never had a problem “getting the girl”. I’m sure even back in the good ol’ days of the Cavern in Liverpool he had his pick. Marrying the heir to the Eastman/Kodak Empire was just one of the perks. :0)

    But it’s not just PETA… there’s all these lunatic organizations that feel “The end justifies the means”. Like the Animal Liberation Front, and freaks like that break into labs free animals from cages, leave feeling good about themselves as these animals are run over in the streets, stabbing themselves with experimental shit in the labs… stupid shit like that.

    Just once I want to see these freaks set up a tent in the middle of a jungle somewhere, if they love animals so much.

    … let’s see how “ethically” they’re treated when they’re suddenly at the top of the food chain to some panther or tiger. Being eaten alive sucks.

  18. “i had no idea that meat-eaters had such strong feelings about vegans.”

    I can’t speak for everyone Lavonne… (though I’m sure they feel the same way). But I have no problem with what anyone choses to eat or not.

    I think the anger you’re feeling is toward PETA, and any other extremist group that feels they have to impose their self-righteous standards on people.

    I say we start a “Mail your roadkill to PETA” campaign, whaddya say, gang? :0)

  19. No! Roadkill makes me sad – especially all the poor lil possums and dillos that get flatted around here!

    Um, kd, have you ever milked a cow? I’ve had relatives that lived in the country ever since I was a sprout so I was exposed to this kinda early and um, milking is kinda gross. It involves getting much closer to a cow than you might want to be, especially if the cow is not fond of you. And I’m never sure about warm chicken eggs – at what point do they go bad unless you get them out of the nest? Yeah, I’m still a city girl at heart I suppose – or a subburbian girl.

    Of course if we *all* decided to stop eating all forms of beef (not saying that’s good or bad) – just as an example – well, we’re still gonna have to milk and feed all these critters. (You *have* to milk the cows. It hurts them not to be milked on time.) And then sterilize a whole lotta them so they don’t make more lil ones. It’s never a simple issue…

  20. here is where i proudly say that i am a card carrying peta member.

    this does not mean that i agree with everything they do. this means that i support their use of the media (yes, in creative ways) to educate the public about vegetarianism, veganism, farm animal treatment, etc.

    i don’t agree with everything that any organization does/says. i can’t completely subscribe to anything (just ask kd, i’ve flunked at this very recently). i’m registered nonpartisan for this reason.

    i’m a vegan, but not a preachy one. at least, that is my goal. i am always happy to educate anyone about why i do this.

    i don’t really know what i’m getting at here, but i just wanted to say that there are some really nice vegans out there. we are not all militant. but we all believe in this, strongly. with every fiber of ourselves.

    “Just once I want to see these freaks set up a tent in the middle of a jungle somewhere, if they love animals so much. … let’s see how “ethically” they’re treated when they’re suddenly at the top of the food chain to some panther or tiger. Being eaten alive sucks.”

    this really got my blood going. i hate when people miss the point. i mean, really, isn’t this an argument *for* vegetarianism, not against? “being eaten alive sucks”?

    i’d rather die being eaten by a tiger than by eating too many cows. a lot more people die from that, btw.

  21. oh, and in response to batgrl:

    the only reason cows need to be milked is because they are lactating. why are they lactating? because they have recently given birth. because their babies have been taken away to become veal. and because they are being pumped full of hormones to trick their bodies into believing that their babies aren’t dead.

    cows don’t need to be milked, just like women don’t need to be milked.

  22. okay, maybe i was a little tense on that previous post. i’m not trying to be mean. i just don’t know why people want to attack my lifestyle because it means that i refuse to consume violence.

    what could possibly be wrong with that?

  23. ahh, yes, been waiting for this. what started as a link to a real whacko page on the PETA site turned into a rather heated discussion of the pros and cons of PETA and other activist groups that operate on the very edges of being fringe elements.

    which is ok. i love the diversity of opinon, and the only group not represented yet was the vegan/vegetarian pro PETA group, so i’m glad we have that too.

  24. i don’t think anybody’s attacking your lifestyle in particular, portia. you might be a member of PETA but i don’t think anyone here is holding you responsible for editorial control on the contents of their webstie.

    from the comments here, there is ample evidence that PETA’s approach to these issues has indeed done more harm than good, in alienating people who might be swayed by a less extreme approach.

    and that’s all that this post was about. not attacking anyone’s lifestyle, but commenting on the rather radical stance evidenced by that page i linked to.

  25. Portia please don’t feel attacked personally by any this. We’re all just sharing our perspectives.

    And I don’t know just everything about milk cows but they don’t necessarily need to have given birth to give milk. My uncle’s cows would come and demand to be milked at a certain time of day and they hadn’t had calves in ages. Would practically kick a hole in the barn if they weren’t milked. Perhaps they were habituated, or the fact that some breeds have been bred almost exclusively to give milk? I dunno. But I do know that if we all give up meat my comment still stands – there are going to be a lot of animals out there that need to be fed and sterilized so they won’t breed. And chickens’ eggs will have to be removed from their nests so they won’t grow up into more chickens – or if we keep the roosters away I guess that won’t be a problem, the eggs will just get eaten by other critters. (Weasels and raccoons love them.) Whatever happens we have a lot of animals that have been bred to be a source of meat and egg production and we will have to care for them. That’s why I think it’s not so simple an issue as not eating meat or putting the slaughterhouses out of business – we will have to care for the animals after the farmers won’t have a business to raise them for.

    Not an easy thing to figure out. But of course there’s still the issue of giving up the meat. I guess it’s kinda like militant anti-smokers who feel that people should give up smoking for their own good. I have three dead relatives that might be here except they smoked, or so I think – can’t be sure, probably mostly wishful thinking and they’d be dead now anyway. But I don’t like telling people what to do, though I have friends that I wish wouldn’t smoke. I have vegetarian friends who aren’t militant, just as I have some who are and who have really tested the limits of my patience – we’re still friends.

    And, lest I have offended – the above babble was all me, my opinion, and probably wrong here and there and I do not mind in any way being told this.
    And um, everyone should eat more – I was gonna say chocolate, but in the spirit of things – fresh fruit. We’d all be happier if we ate more strawberries. I feel strongly that this could bring us all together. *giggles hopefully*

  26. oh geez, i’m not mad at anybody. certainly not you, batgrl.

    i think we can worry about what to do with all the farm animals after people give up eating meat. it’s not like they’re going to do it all at once. it will be a slow process, if it ever happens.

    okay and maybe you’re right about the cows. i’m not sure, i’m just going with information that i’ve been given by the vegan movement, honestly. i’ll have to check into this further. it’s hard to get unbiased information anymore.

  27. i love you, batgrl, and you too portia. heck, i love pretty much everybody. it’s just the way i am — a slut. no seriously. it’s a big internet and if it didn’t have widely and i mean widely varying opinions, something would be terribly wrong.

  28. oh and the thing about cows — i do know that lactating mammals will continue to lactate pretty much indefinitely if they are ‘milked’ or stimulated that way. consider ‘nursemaids’ back in the olden, olden days, when the wealthy women would not want to ruin their figure by breastfeeding.

    and these days, there are breastfeeding moms that take that pretty far too. years, and years — as long as there is demand, there is supply.

    like i said, if i could keep a few chickens and a milk cow here in the ‘burbs, i’d do it. i’d be humane to them and all, you know, but as it is, you just can’t do that in a duplex near the mall.

  29. i don’t see what the fuss is about. i read the page and found it to be a rather lame attempt at satirically getting across a message. they’re not seriously telling you to eat roadkill.

    i’m quite surprised at the vehemence expressed here. i had no idea that meat-eaters had such strong feelings about vegans.

    –former veggie feeling guilty

  30. I just have a problem with extremists from any direction. Doesn’t matter to me if they’re on the left or right. If they run their mouths off in a preachy manner then they end up sounding just as irrational and nuts as they look.
    If it is difficult to distinguish whether it’s a parody or not then the author hasn’t made the point, I don’t think.
    It’s only after a huge amount of negative reaction and backpeddling that someone would say they weren’t being serious about something, especially those PETA freaks. Extremism is a tough business to be in, and EVERYTHING they say is taken seriously.

  31. kd, you would soooo not enjoy cleaning a barn. Manure is not fun until it’s dried out and you can toss it.
    Love everyone, go hug a strawberry.
    No, that doesn’t make any sense – I typed strawberry instead of chicken. I’m craving strawberries now. *sigh*

  32. strawberries are all well and good, but i have krispy kremes. did you know they have s’mores filled krispy kremes? they do. oh, my, yes, they do.

    and the whole wanting to be a farmer chick would fall totally apart with my dander and feathers allergies. i’d be a mess. it’s only in theory anyway. reality is so much more complex than any absolute solution.

  33. i don’t think humor is involved. i think it’s another shock tactic (see caption at bottom “looks just like hamburger”) to gross out and frighten the public. any humor involved, and it is kinda funny in a really sick way, would be purely unintentional i’m sure. they aren’t a funny bunch.

    take for instance the above mentioned campaign to remove the cheese commercials with the talking cows, because they portray them as happy. no, those people do not have a sense of humor.

  34. Well, after posting numerous comments… I finally went to the page.

    I think I get it. Basically, your average Joe gets their meat from the supermarket. If we had to skin, flay and process our own meat… odds are, 96% of the country would become vegetarians (*THIS* city boy…especially!).

    So let’s *REALLY* gross people out by suggesting we pull over and plop that little squished possum in Ziploc bag for a barbeque tonight!!!!

    They know most of us would never do it.
    I’m off to get a hot dog… I’ll be back to comment later.

  35. now this is a good point. i have recently been thinking that the best activism might be to change the suburban zoning laws to allow people to keep farm animals. i would not have a problem with a chicken recipe that started out ‘first, catch the chicken’. i don’t think i’d eat beef (don’t dig it much in the first place) but fresh eggs and chicken and maybe a milk cow would be so within my ability to deal with. and you don’t have to feed hormones to a lactating mammal to keep it lactating — stimulation will do it. trust me.

    i can’t afford to move to the country and buy livestock, but if i could i would. and yes i could and would do it the old fashioned way.

    as it is, it’s rather a moot point. these days we live on store brand pasta and whatever sauce is on sale, and macaroni and ‘cheese’ (i don’t think it’s actual cheese — nothing is that color).

  36. Linda McCartney was not the heir to Eastman/Kodax.
    Her father was wealthy, but a lawyer.
    She liked photography, her last name was Eastman, and the
    rumor turned into fact..
    I wonder if her frozen vegan meals are still being manufactured?
    Anyone know??

  37. Really??? I swore I read that about Linda McCartney in a Beatle biography book somewhere.

    Oh well, like Paul McCartney *really* needed to marry into money. Thanks, LaBrat.

  38. Portia –

    I have to say I used to be a card carrying PETA member as well. I have been veg*n for a long long time, and still am. I agree somewhat with what you say about using the media to educate people.

    HOWEVER – I think it’s also important for any organization that uses the media as a tool to recognize when it’s unfairly portraying a segment of the population. PETA has had several sexist/sizist ads that I have been completely unimpressed with…and they will continue to do so as long as they feel like “it’s getting a message across”

    I’m not so sure that’s the best tactic. I know that I would not have run across veg*nism as early as I did had it not been for PETA…but I also feel like they have a responsibility to not perpetuate sexist and sizist ideals – particularly since I suspect MANY teens and young adults use vegetarianism as another means of “losing weight” – and I worry about whether or not being told that fat=bad or fat=meateater might push people in the direction of eating disorder.

    All of this has nothing to do with the roadkill campaign…which I get. I totally get the humor behind the roadkill campaign. But they are forever tainted in my eyes because of previous campaigns that were just plain wrong/irresponsible/ill-advised and, potentially, harmful.

    (and take this with the knowledge that I have a (meat eating) brother who told me I made vegetarianism “look bad” because I’m “overweight”)

  39. Dear Portia:
    “but i just wanted to say that there are some really nice vegans out there. we are not all militant. but we all believe in this, strongly. with every fiber of ourselves. ”

    *SIGH* And I will stress again, that I have nothing against anyone who choses to be a vegetarian. It’s a personal choice, and I respect that. Why all the martyrdom??? I choose to not only eat meat, but to fill my body with all sorts of crap like processed junk food, high in sugar and preservatives. Why can’t my choices be respected without an organization full of whackjobs being on my case about it.

    My beef (pun intended) is against PETA, *NOT* vegans.

    “this really got my blood going. i hate when people miss the point. i mean, really, isn’t this an argument *for* vegetarianism, not against? “being eaten alive sucks”? ”

    No. I didn’t miss the point, my dear… I thought I drove it in quite nicely.
    It’s my firm belief that most of these PETA idiots (or Animal Liberation Front, etc.) are people who live in controlled environments, and their ideals aren’t based on reality. I also think this is all done more for publicity and attention than for the benefit of animals.

    My point was, if these people were in the jungle, on the *ANIMALS* turf… whould the animals really give a shit what PETA thinks?

    No. they’re hungry, that’s the way it is. It’s the “natural order of things”.

    You’d think everyone would have learned when the author of “Born Free” was mauled to death by a lion…

    Do I think animals need to be tested by the same products over & over? No.

    Do I think a baby cow need to live its short life in misery so our veal tastes just right? No. Fact is I think Veal is kinda rough & nasty.

    Should people have a right to eat what they want (whether it’s meat or just vegetables), without someone on their case about it? Yes.

  40. Oh, and Drublood:

    It’s my firm belief that renting “Charlotte’s Web” will drive more people to a vegan lifestyle, than any of PETA’s campaigns. I have two kids at home that haven’t touched meat in years because of that movie.

    And we’re *all* overweight. :0)

  41. Oh and kd, Portia, Lavonne, Batgrl, et al:

    I love everybody too. Heated discussions like this, with such varying viewpoints are great. Anyone that could take an opposing viewpoint so personal, probably doesn’t believe in what they believe to much anyway. :0)

    Ok, I’m done.

  42. if these comments were a word document, they would be 9 pages long. word count (including the signatures) 4,305.


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