14 thoughts on “two things:

  1. I sent the welcome wagon over, but they’d gone out. I’ll try again later.

    This is all part of the nefarious plan for world domination, isn’t it?

  2. ok, test over… i get THIS:

    Warning: Failed opening ‘http://kdblog.com/nav/head.php’ for inclusion (include_path=”) in /users1/k/kdblog.com-72560/public_html/subscribe/processing.tmpl on line 7
    please wait, your comment is being submitted…

    whenever i post a comment. i think just today. maybe yesterday, too. (so i’m a flake) thought you might wanna know… *

  3. let me guess: winXP and ie6 right?

    i gotta put in an include that doesn’t include the name of the skin, which is what other browser/os combos see.

    that says, nav/head1.php (or 2, or 3) on every other system.

    i’m fooling around on the Lycoris message boards flirting with the idea of trashing windows myself (since the only copy of PM i have won’t do Win2K and i don’t wanna wait).

  4. wow. other than needing to fix my monitor somehow, linux is cool. got right on the internet and everything.

    let’s see how mozilla/linux handles the comments.

  5. kd, if you have KDE available as a login option, or Gnome with the KDE menu, pop Konqueror up and use it. So far, it seems much better that mozilla for baking cookies. …and you can actually go in and modify the cookies on your machine if you are so inclined.

    …and congrats, your royal geekiness <g>!

  6. Hi, and thanks again kd!!
    Unlike most things I’ve wished for in the past, comments ARE all I hoped they would be… I love being a surreallist!

  7. all the surreallists just rock. looking around, i’m totally amazed, by how hard y’all rock

    i’m a really fortunate individual. surrounded by all y’all.

    i do drawl when i drink, if you’re wondering where y’all came from. y’know.

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