updating links — just good fun

as i click on each link to verify, i am of course tempted to check things out. and so here’s this: Hogan’s Heroes: How to win friends and influence Nazis – (this ain’t just another Hogan’s Heroes page — it’s the most obsessively psychotic page.) cool. via riley dog.

and in other geekly rejoicing type news, today there was a wired article about corporate blogging which i forwarded to the boss. and i talked of the wonders of b2 and mt. and it turns out we have a new system we’re selling called go-beam, which is the killer VOIP technology for the cutting edge folks that like to tweak their own, and ooh! wouldn’t it be cool if we had a blog/knowledge base to interact with our customers, just like macromedia?

turns out all the blogstuff i ever did at work really wasn’t goofing off, it really was research! oh yeah. i knew i was onto something.

oh and i must add that steve from blue’s clues rocks. via batgrl.

now, back to the link entry page.

4 thoughts on “updating links — just good fun

  1. adding to linklist is now officially suspended until i figure out why it stops letting me input them past id# 127. no matter how many i delete and reinput, it stops there. won’t auto-increment. i don’t know enough to know what i’ve done, so, here we are.

    i’m going to go surf blogs now. better than crying on the couch, eh?

  2. yeah, damp couches are bad.

    however, it’s fixed. and i am waaaaay happier than someone who’s never done this can imagine.

    i don’t even feel too bad for the dumb mistake. i have friends that helped and you know? this will so help me at work too.

    happy me!

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