very good things

good thing #1: krix is a lovely, generous soul. and she found my secret wishlist and sent me ‘the ultimate hitchhiker’s guide’ a wonderful, wonderful book including the whole hitchhiker’s series plus a story. these books are like best friends to me, i hadn’t read them in some time and i’m always wanting to to quote passages from douglas adams, which i remember well enough to know where in the books to find them, but not well enough to quote verbatim. now, i can look them up.

also, it’s long been on my list of to-do reads to read the whole series from beginning to end. i am now doing that.

good thing #2: the book came giftwrapped, and me being the way i am, i unwrapped it very carefully and folded the paper on the coffee table. my son admired the wrapping paper and had an idea. tomorrow is his babysitter’s daughter’s birthday, so he found one of his toys, wrapped it in the paper, and secured it with the bow. another generous soul.

good thing #3. my linklist problems are nearly solved. i have the entry page talking to the database and with only a few more edits, will have a PHP/MySQL powered linklist editing tool, so i can finally keep up with the list. it will still take awhile (especially with me putting in good couch time, reading) but progress has been made.

8 thoughts on “very good things

  1. i stopped updating it awhile back and just put in the freerange list so people could add their own while i contemplated the database (or my navel, one or the other) and now even the freerange list is growing out of date. it’s a cgi powered database but i needed MySQL.

    i love my linkys, i do. i do believe in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

  2. I love the Hitchhiker series. I have that complete volume too, and it was fun to go back and read it all in sequence, after not having read any of his work for awhile. What a nice gift.

  3. What exactly are you trying to do with your link list? While I would never describe myself as a PHP God, I am not unaccustomed to the beast. I can even care and feed it. Plus I do have access to a couple of Gods.

  4. i’m just modifying the existing ‘blogcon’ signup to accomodate my linklist. i just have to do the edit/delete/update page and the page that displays the links — in other words, it’s basically done with a few tweaks here and there, and then generating pages that i use for includes instead of the current text files in the linklist. piece of cake.

  5. oh that was me — anyway, the NOT piece of cake is to take the existing list, go through it link by link to figure out if the link is still there, if not where, and input the results.

    good thing is after this, it will always be extremely easy to update. the reason i didn’t update it till i did the database was all the work would come undone too soon.

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