where credit is due

first of all, to Dan for giving me hope by pointing out that 0–>127 is 2^7, while i waited for the email from Mad Bull pointing out that tinyint only goes up to 127, and mediumint was what my clueless ass should have set the id# column to in the first place.

it’s a learning journey. i love that i have friends that help.

11 thoughts on “where credit is due

  1. whether or not that makes any sense, defines how deeply geeky you are. i’m getting in deeper every day. and i love it.

  2. and you know everything i input past, like, the p’s on my secondary linklist, and on to the freerange list links, never got into the db. i don’t care, i’m so happy right now i have no issues with re-inputting the last 50 links or so.

  3. Would you, Dan, or Mad Bull please explain what that original post says in English? I can figure out “int” might mean integer or interval, so tiny or medium makes a bit of sense, but that first bit has thrown me.

  4. from zero to 127, spans 128, or 2 raised to the seventh power, so, that clue meant it was definitely not something random like, say, an error creeping into the database at that point. it was a limit, of some sort. a setting.

    the the second part is column types, in MySQL. tinyint (integer), goes from 1 to 127, anything above that the database wouldnt’t auto-increment the number. just kept returning an error that 127 was a duplicate entry. i entered a whole bunch because i didn’t bother to put in error handlers. bad me.

    so, mediumint will hold much bigger numbers. when i set it up i was thinking of the id# as being, well, a tiny integer.

  5. i’m not even sure if i’m done, but i almost think i am. i’ve put some of those things in, like, four times.

    everything’s worked out, as far as the database issues.

    now… did i forget anybody? let me know.

  6. eeks maybe i better go the next up from ‘mediumint’ then. i get carried away with my links. i loves me some linkys.

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