wired wired

i’m going to hate myself in the afternoon. sure, right now i’m all tingly, but when this wears off, and it will (i can’t keep eating cake all day — or can i?) hmm, that may be the answer. eschew normal food and just keep visiting the breakroom cake all day long. so i was looking over at that fluffy white frosting and suddenly it occurred to me to stick my finger in it and rub a little on my gums and then i remembered, the 80’s are over. *sigh* damn good thing, too.

16 thoughts on “wired wired

  1. Ummmm sugary things, I could use a hit or two of frosting myself right about now. Damn, I never have a stash when I need some.

  2. you know, it’s weird, how they manage to get more sugar than would actually fit in that space, in something like frosting. it’s like super concentrated sugary stuff. mmm. super-sugar.

    that’s right, i’m super-sugar-girl!

  3. it was like pure sugar, but more intense than that. concentrated sugar. crazy stuff.

    excellent breakfast food though. but i’m the sort of person that puts sugar on frosted flakes, so…

  4. Twidgety – I like that. I can relate to that.
    And I see nothing wrong for having sugary cake for breakfast. Or elevenses.

  5. i knew you’d approve. i had to mellow down though, so i dashed out for jackinthebox tacos and stuffed jalape?os and diet coke (you know, so i won’t get fatter or anything).

    eating bad feels so good.

  6. *looking around* Nice new digs you got here – were they cloned? 😉 Sugarey baked goods are fun for a while… *wheeee* but then make me sleep.

  7. cloned? us? this? what? never! no, just clever, erm, duplicating technology that’s not cloning. yeah, that’s it.

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